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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by farmer ron, Mar 10, 2008.

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    My layout is small so when I was plastering I used plaster cast gauze that I obtained form out vet, was very reasonably priced and went a long way. Our club on the other hand has several very large areas to cover in plaster. If we went the commercial method of buying the gauze plaster cloth , $13.00 plus tax at the local hobby store or I purchased several cases through the vet, the total costs would be far more than we are willing to put out at this time. Thus my question is, as we have two 50 lb bags of hydracal at the club, it is still good as I have been making rock castings out of it, what is has been used with with the hydracal with success lately, any comments on using hydracal and just plain paper towels that you get in a roll at the grocery stores? I know the industrial strength ones that you get in the blue roll do not work as they will not soak up the wet plaster. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated..thanks..Ron..
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    From what I recall from my HO days the brown paper towels work much better for this. It's pretty common throughout the older model railroad how-to books. I'd suggest visiting your friendly local Tim Horton's manager and asking about getting a roll.
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    Paper towels work fine...That's all I used to make the shell for my mountains. I Mixed up the plaster quite thin and then after the hard shell had dried I applied my rubber rock moulds filled with plaster.
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    You want the commercial grade brown towels; the ones in the kitchen don't hack it. I used no-name (R) ones from Loblaws, back when they were selling them.

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