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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by igoraf, Jun 8, 2006.

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    thanks for the links will be looking at them and puttung them on dvd to view.
    thank you
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    i worked a while with zmodeler, but i don't find it very atractive, especially when metasequoia is a perfect program for my purpose (papercraft).

    i have though, a question, refering to the views. al views are god, except front and rear, which need to be a little biger. the resolution is ok, they are centered, but i need to adjust, as i said before, the size of front view. at zmodeler 1, i had a tool, a hand, that alowed you to move the background image, but you could resize it, too. in metasequoia i found only how to move it. i tried entering the section with shortcut keys, and define mine, but at the view chapter, is japanese.

    please help me

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    well hello, i'm back

    i almost laugh when i saw what i had to do. my image was zoomed and i didn't see that the image (in image edit mode) has those points where you can zoom it yourself :p... it's a lot simple than other programs.

    i atached a picture, if someone meets this problem :)


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    Hi catalin,

    I don't know if you did it yet but using blueprints (front, top and side views) the better way is edit then in another program (like MSpaint :wink: ). All the images must have the same scale, otherwise your model will be distort.
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    i know how to work with blueprints... i know 3d max studio, but i don't need it for papercraft, that is why i used metasequoia. :wink:
    the blueprints where a little biger/smaller
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    ok i have a questioms i have a blue print of a gundam model it has front side and back views. no top view so my question is do i need it or do i need to find one with a top view. thank you
  9. catalin

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    that depends from designer to designer... i know a few people that design cars just by some sketches, they are very good. if you need or don't need it depends only on how you work. if you have good quality pictures, you could work it out only by looking, and trying to figure out a more realistic way for your gundam.

    if your questions was refering to the idea that you couldn't do your model whitout that view, the answer is no. YOU CAN do a model whithout some of the views, but you'll have to work a lot longer.

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    Has anyone been able to view the avi files listed above by Keith? My MS media player can't read them. It gives the message 'The Player might not support the file type or a required codec might not be installed on your computer.' I reset some of my security settings and rebooted the pc but still no luck.
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    Back in old "Mechanical Drawing" class, this was a common exercise, recreate the third view from just 2, e.g. side view from given front and top views.
    Some shapes can't be determined completely from just 2 views, but most can.
    (these were simpler shapes than a Gundam, but still ... :) )
  12. rlc321

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    rmks2000 ypu might need some additional codecs to view avi files try cccp in google and download ther codecs thet seem to be the best..

    and steveM thanks for info will give it a try..
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    Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the cccp codec pack.

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