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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Darwin, Aug 6, 2006.

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    I thought I'd verify how easy it is to get oversized cardstock in the USofA. Yesterday my wife and I decided it was too hot to cook, so went off to the local restaurant for supper. The restaurant was right next to the local newspaper's print shop, and on a whim, I checked them out. The first thing I noticed was a stack of legal size card stock....without breaking out the micrometer, I'd guess it at about 65 lb card, and its feel and texture is about the same as the Bristol card stock from the local office supply store. On inquiry, I found they also had the cardboard used for backing paper pads, but that would take about a day to get delivered from the main office. For $15 US, I scored 100 8.5x11 sheets of cardboard and 50 sheets of 8.5x14 cardstock. The real kicker is that the office I visited was in a town of less than 8000 population, and the head office was located in a town of less than 12,000 population. So, even if you live out in the boonies as I do, it is still not much of a search to get supplies locally.

    On an unrelated foraging trip, I found some rolls of "glue dots" at the local Michaels that should prove useful. These are little (about 3/16" diameter) circles of tacky glue stuff like that used to affix CDs and DVDs to the covers of computer disk magazines. It is available in both temporary and permanent formulations. It works great to tack-glue the base platforms for ship models to a plank (or other flat surface) long enough to get the framework assembled, and later remove from the base without damaging either the model or the building board.
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    Good stuff Darwin...

    You just never know where you might find useful... "stuff"..!!

    I salavage 16 x16" squares of , brown,(sometimes it is white) 0.5 mil card from work. It comes as packing material between layers of adding machine paper. Every case yields 3 or 4 sheets... and.... IT"S FREE!!!

    I also save the roll ends...with the little plastic center. Makes great forms for rolling cylinders. Just add or remove paper to get the exact diameter that you need.
    ..... Bill
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    I Get Sick and Tired of Cheerios...,

    Ok Darwin, You Started It,

    I get sick and tired of Cheerios in the warehouse style box but the cardboard it's made of is one of the best I've found. The Kavli boxes are thin corrugated and are great to for making tires. I fill the voids with acrylic modeling paste and sand by mounting it on a dremel mandrel. A couple of layers makes for great ship model framing and is easy to cut yet strong. I put a layer of nitrate dope on the outside suface to enhance it's sandability. Another method is to melt styrofoam in toluene and use that as a soaking dope. The whole structure is then encased in styrene and is totally waterproof and carves like balsa wood..., -Gil

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