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    Photo 20
    This shows one of my two portable boxes that I carry around where ever I travel so that I can build when the desire strikes, There is a large selection of dental tools files and miniature hand tools, clamps, scissors, knives, etc.
    Photo 21
    For forming curves and dome shapes I use a jewelers dapping set that consists of a steel block with various size concave shapes machined into it and a set of various sized ball shapes that can be used to work a shape into paper parts. Also I use a wood block with larger concave shapes and a wooden press rod with gently rounded ends. Sometimes the block is not really needed and I use pieces of cut up mouse pads to work in shapes with dapping tools, rods, needles or whatever. You can buy a dapping set on Ebay for around $60. Wooden ones are around $10.
    Photo 22
    Some useful tools are shown in photo 22. From left to right are a scribing tool (Radio Shack) useful for scribing fold lines. This scriber also has a slotted end that can grab a paper piece that needs to be rolled and will hold it while you wind the paper around the shaft. I also use a draftsmen's pencil with extremely fine lead, art pens of variousl colors for edge coloring (I have maybe 50 different colors), fingernail file (course on one side - fine on the other), and very fine artist brushes for touchup work.

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    More Useful Tools

    Photo 23a
    To cut out the small circles of the life rings I used a micro punch. This consists of a metal baseplate die with holes predrilled to sizes corresponding to provided punches. A clear guide plate held in alignment with the die plate by pins. The clear guide plate allows precise visual positioning of the parts to be punched. These pundhes are sold by Micro-Mark, a company that specializes in model builder tools and parts. First I punched out the inner holes of the life rings.
    Photo 25
    After the internal holes were punched out I shifted to a larger size punch and cut out the outer circle producing very nice little life rings.
    Photo 26
    Here is a life ring installed on the ship
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    You have quite the collection of tools.
    It is very common to collect tools of all kinds for this hobby (even if the tool was not originally designed for such).
    I like the hole punch and the dapping sets.
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    I like the hole punch too. I think I'll order a set
  5. DanBKing

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    Hole puches are brilliant for small rings and circles, I use them all the time.
    They are great for when you are doing greebling.
    They will be an invaluable part of your tool collection.
  6. That is a serious tool collection you've got there. I'm most impressed by the dapping tools and the punch set. I've got to get a set of punches like that, too.

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