Useful link ... and Navaho, Rascal, Nike Ajax wanted

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Nando, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Nando

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    I found this link to a free paper models site, in a message on the, which brings together in one place a lot of models, most of which is already known.

    It is very useful! :thumb:

    A question to all of you:
    On the page, there are links to a site where there should be models of the Navaho, Rascal and Nike Ajax missiles, but the link is broken ... :cry:

    Knows someone which is the right link or could someone send to me the models ?

    Nando :wave:
  2. Michiru-Kaiou

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  3. Bengt F

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    Haunebu II and III, German WW II 'Flying Saucers'

    Thanx Nando,

    There was a lot of models which I has never seen before, for example the amazing German WW II "Haunebu" 'flying saucer-like' gyro disc airships: - Military 3D Paper Model - Haunebu III model FREE

    The "Haunebu II" resembles very closely a flying saucer spacecraft which was reported in the US in the 50s by UFO 'researcher' George Adamski, as a spacecraft originating from Venus.
    On his death bed, however, he reportedly withdrew all he had said or written about his, saying he had only photographed a simple table lamp . . .

    Bengt :thumb:
  4. Nando

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    thanks Michiru-Kaiou,
    using both the link I downloaded near all the files....

    But ...ahhhghhh wall1

    I can't find the the Navaho's 2nd file (navaho+1'72+blatt+2.tiff) so I can't use them to build the missile .....:evil:

    Can someone help me? The Navaho model is very amazing (see pic below)!

    Thanks a lot in advance, Nando

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  5. Nando

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    Got them all

    Thank You Pid, George, Michiru-Kaiou at the end I had got them all... and now other three models on the pile wall1

    My greed of models will take me to dead for starvation .... :cry:

    Best Nando :thumb:
  6. fructose

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    where did you get page 2 at?
  7. Coot59

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    I would like to get a hold of it also!

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