Use of USRA Mikado in 1930-1935

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  1. faraway

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    Where did NYC use a H6a light Mikado in 1930-1935? Did they serve smaller branch lines together with a Consolidation? Did they do the required switching on small stations as the Consolidation did it?

    The H6a is the USRA Mikado built around 1918-1920. At 1930-35 is was only 10 to 15 years old. Was is already demoted to branch line service so fast?

    If you have now facts about the NYC. How was the USRA Mikado used by other railroads at that time?
  2. Triplex

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    Well... NYC H6a - Looks like at least some worked on the LE&W before being sold to Mexico after your timeframe. Since they had footboard pilots, they probably did some switching.
  3. wjstix

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    NYC I believe used some USRA mikes into the 1950's around Cincinnatti, pretty much up to the end of steam in 1956-57...might have been USRA copies I'm thinking of though.

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