use ebay or forum to sell loco?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Zug, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Zug

    Zug Member

    A couple months ago I bought a Kato SD90MAC and SD40-2 and matching Digitrax decoders.

    As I've posted before they just do not like my 9 3/4" turn and not even some 11" when backing up. As great running locos they are I'm thinking about selling them:( :( What getting better resuults, selling on ebay or on forum buy & sell areas?
  2. belg

    belg Member

    Zug if you have a price set in your head at what you would sell them for I would allow our members to have first crack at them. If your afraid that you won't get the best price that way there's no gaurentee on Ebay to get that price either but hewre you will probably make one or two of the members here very happy. IMHO Good luck Pat
  3. Zug

    Zug Member

    I've already had one person email me about a price:) I want to double check my numbers.

    Each loco was about $150 Canadian + $45 for each decoder (+tax). I have to sell the decoders with them since they only fit these locos. I've added MT couplers on both (front only on the SD90 because I manged the coupler kit putting the first one together, MT coupler kits for me)
    So I'm thinking $400 Canadian all said and done, keep in mind they have very little running time on them, about an hour.
  4. Pete

    Pete Member

    You can list them on eBay and use a reserve price - as long as someone is willing to bid above that price, they'll sell.
    You can also note that they are posted for sale in the classified ads of some websites, and as such are subject to be withdrawn due to sale from said classifieds.

  5. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Just a tip on setting prices. If both of them cost you $195 each with decoder, and you're going to try to sell them at that price, or more ($400), then they had better be a rareity. You gotta ask yourself, why would someone pay full price from me when they can go to a LHS or another dealer and pay the same, but get brand new, in the box and never been run, even for an hour.

    Set your price low enough to give the buyer some incentive but yet not be so low that you're not happy either, but don't try to recoup 100% of your cost unless what your selling is in high demand and they are hard to find elsewhere.

    I know it's hard to cut your losses, but if you can't use them, then anything you get is better than hanging on to them.

  6. Zug

    Zug Member

    I took the MT couplers off today and tried the one think I hadn't, the Kato long-shank couplers that came with the SD90. It worked!:D :) :D :) :D :) :D :)

    They have far more flex then the "good" MT couplers do. The SD90 still has a slight problem with one 9 3/4" (2nd line loop on the original layout), but the SD40-2 has no proble there now.

    In fact right now the pair is sitting in inner town loop with a good cut of cars in tow! :)

    I know a couple people were hot to get these as the CP are long off the shelves (and none on ebay) But It looks like I'm going to keep them after all.

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