USB Drives for Backup

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Bowdenja, May 19, 2006.

  1. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Just FYI.............

    If you guys haven't done it yet. Those USB External Harddrives are great for backing up your Card Model files. Except for Gremir Models you would be able to recover from a system crash very VERY easily. You would have to contact Michael on the recovery of the Gremir Models.

    It also makes it easy to recover an accidentally deleted file:oops::cry:

    Anyway they are fairly cheap. One place I buy from has a kit that will allows you to use an older IDE hardrive for only $15.00 USD. I took an older 6 GB drive and now I"ve backed-up all my model files on the main machine in case I screw-up again.

    Email me and I'll send you the site, if you are interested.

    OH......... and with Windows 2000 and up all you have to do is pug it up and it will load the drivers and recognized the additional hard drive. BUT you have to remember to keep it up-to-date. New files means adding them to your backups.

  2. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    My files are large but if anything happens just shoot me an e-mail.
    You NEVER have to pay for a replacement model.
  3. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    I've been doing this for years. the power supply that comes with the usb cable sometimes isn't enough for some disk drives, so now I use an old power supply from a junked pc.

    I even was able to pick up an internal dvd+rw drive for $25 and it works as well with the usb cable.
  4. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    I know Michael........... I guess I should have said...... that because it will not be installed on the original computer/harddrive people would have to contact you to help recover those files. I did not mean anything bad about it. Sorry:oops:

    I was just trying to get folks to think about backing stuff up. I realized the other day after boogering up a PDF that if I did not have a back up I would have lost the original file and would have had to buy a replacement. Not that I would not do that, I would.

    It's just looking at all of the bought, downloaded, free, beta, scanned, modified..... whatever version of models I have; I would sit down a boo-hoo like a baby:( IF my hardrdrive decided to "give up the ghost". Now at least I have some peace of mind and will not have to ask for all the Trotsky's and others I have collected over the years. AND it was releatively cheap.... since I had an old drive and all I had to do was buy a $15.00 kit. Pretty inexpensive insurance I think.

  5. Dnlgtr

    Dnlgtr Member

    Does This count?? I burn ALL models I download to CD. I have 10 (CD's) so far!! This way I know I can still enjoy a certain model even if I have to replace My PC.
  6. Vess Irvine

    Vess Irvine New Member

    A DVD burner has become indispensible on my computer. 4.5 gigaytes on one disk, and they look and feel much more robust then burned CDs. Even with a screwdriver scratching the do-dads is hard to do.

    The plus of using gigabyte sized DVDs is that scanned images can be saved at very high resolution. I use 600 dpi. This resolution is overkill if your plans are to just re-print original parts. But if you have any plans to recolor the models, the high resolution is very helpful.

    One downside, I have an older BIOS on my computer which does not support higher burning speeds, so to write and verify one 4.5 gigabyte DVD takes the better part of an hour. They claim they can be burned in 10 minutes, but I have yet to see that. I do have a newer BIOS to install some day when I reach a point where my computer is completely backed up, because BIOS upgrading is a tad risky procedure.

    A good source for USB flash thumbnail drives is www.newegg.con. Their price is half of a box store like CompUSA, and service seems to be very acceptable. I do not have one yet, but plan to after the summer camping/fishing season is over. My plan is to make each thumbnail completely windows "bootable."

    I would also like to experiment with Linux, but do not want to install it side by side on my computer with Windows XP. It seems to me that putting Linux as bootable on a thumbnail drive could be a solution. Whenever you are in the mood to use it, just plug in the flash drive into your USB port and boot.

    Another must item for your computer is a total windows backup program. I use Norton Ghost and it is terrific, but it does take some old fashioned DOS knowledge to make it work well. The issue here is that your Windows drive must be totally "inactive" while the backup is performed, thus ghost runs from DOS after a floppy disk boot of your computer. Backing up the Windows drive while Windows itself is constantly changing that drive, is a recipe for a real foul-up, hence the reason for Norton Ghost being a old fashioned DOS program.

    One important lesson to share .... when burning DVDs (or CDs), always perform a "verify" after the burning is finished; a comparison of the just written files with the original files. A "bad burn" is more common then you might think, and if these DVDs are your critical backup source, discovering such a result after your computer has crashed can ruin your day. The technology is really good, but not yet "perfect."

    How long will these DVDs be readable what with oxidation and smog in the air? Nobody knows, 10 years, 20 years? We will not know until then. Some say delamination over time is the big issue. Others say the arsenic in the chemicals will biodegrade all by itself in half a century. And of course, "the cat eat it" is always a risk factor.

    Vess Irvine
    Estes Park, Colorado
  7. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I tend to buy the models on CD if they are available in that medium. I know a lot of publishers are moving over to downloads only, so I burn them to a back-up CD as well, along with all my other valuable data.

    I too wonder how long some of this stuff will last. Nowadays we live in a disposable world. If our ancestors could build cathedrals that have lasted 900 years, it seems weird we can't build a flat roof that won't leak after 10!!

    Anyone still using BetaMax? How long did video discs last? Am I the last person on the planet still using win98se? Remember when Macs were distinctly different to IBM-type PCs? And Bill Gates was GOING to rule the world? Sheesh, now he's retiring.....

    Tim P
  8. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Good post. I always back up to a DVD RW. Once it is full then I copy it to 2 DVD ROMs for archival. Then start all over with new and updated models. Plus I have an external 300 GB HD. Just in case. I also make sure I have Micheal's e-mail close at hand. I had to move to a new computer a while back and he sent me new keys.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    I dont think this has been mentioned yet, but the little "FLASH DRIVES" or "Memory sticks" are also great for backing up your models.
    If you purchase models online, another good method of backing them up is to store them in your email account like yahoo, msn hotmail etc. You do this by first downloading the model file from the vendor, then writing an email to yourself and attaching the file to it. When you recieve your email, create a folder named "Card Models" or something like that to put it in, that way it is segragated from your other mail that you save.
    I use the above methods because my cd burner died awhile back.

    anyway, have a good day,

    Greg aka GW


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    [/quote] Am I the last person on the planet still using win98se? Remember when Macs were distinctly different to IBM-type PCs? And Bill Gates was GOING to rule the world? Sheesh, now he's retiring.....

    Tim P[/quote]


    I still use 98se on my laptop, the puter I am on now, and I use windows 95 on my desktop lol so you arent alone.

    p.s. I hear the group Boston has a new 8 track tape coming out sometime soon lol

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  11. rwguess

    rwguess Member

    as for my 2 cents i use the sd memory cards
    like the kind you can get for cameras
    they last longer than usb and you can get them in fairly large sized and store them in there nifty carrying cases they are smaller than usb as well

    for instance the one i bought wich i now use for model storage is from walmart and is 1 gig for 35 $ memory cards also can never get scratched... un like cds... for what its worth i recomend the sd cards especially if you have a printer with the sd card port... wich most have now... so you can print directly to the printer from it 8)

  12. Dnlgtr

    Dnlgtr Member

    I recently updated the DVD drive in my PC from ROM the +/- Dual Layer Label maker burner. I have Not yet saved Paper Models to DVD. But that was because I only was buying 5 or fewer at a time and used them all for Videos I downloaded. (KVK , DiggNation,The Broken,Systm) Plus I used one for Installers because I was having trouble with Firefox and thought I was going to have to format my hard-drive. But I installed Mozilla and it is working fine.(maybe I added TOO many plugins).
    I will start using DVDs to copy my paper models soon because I bought a spindle of 30 for $6.oo clearence at W-M!
    Yes I want to Change colors on some of the paper modles I have, and YES I have read all the post about that.(Ieven Copy/Paste saved a tutorial) But I am a Novice with PCs so that will be SOME time in the future!

    I need to find a class!!

    Oh, Forgot to add this. I use Sonic Record from Roxio. It was the software installer for the DVD burner. It Automatically 'Verifies' after burning everytime I burn something to disc. CD or DVD So I know Before the disc is ejected from the drive if anything went wrong. Biggest trouble I have had lately was having to remove all Japanes or Chinese Type from a file I wanted to burn. The file would not burn with the original type. I tryed changing the file name, That worked. So I must not be able to save as is with an Oriental character type. And Yes I do have a disc That won't read. I duplicated it. Then tryed to read it again, and made 3 MORE copies of it! Oh well. at least I know I can mark those files as Backed-up! Yes I have moved that disc so I won't copy it again!!
  13. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    They are both Flash memory, lifetime should not be any different.

    Relatively expensive though. A 100pk of 700MB CD-R's (from the Wal-Mart site) is $24.88 or $.00035 per MB. The SD card is $.035 per MB; 10x as expensive. An external drive is $140 for 250GB or about $.0005 per MB or nearly as cheap as CD-R's in a smaller more easily accessed package.
  14. 46rob

    46rob Member

    No storage device is totally permanent--although engraving in stone comes close. However, obelisks and the like are not designed for electronic media storage. I recommend that, regardless of the choice of back up, you should refresh the data occasionally. USB hard drives are getting cheaper, too, a local merchant has a 16 Gb for $100 in today's paper. If you've got an ipod--you can use it for data storage as well. I was given one for Christmas and have maybe 100 tunes on it. Many Gb's of storage space left--so I put all my current (and past) work on it. It's always handy, if I need to show it to someone. Some of it is even viewable in the built in screen.

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