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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by gkcooper, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I am a former Air Force Weapons troop and I was wondering if anyone made a card-model set of modern aircraft weapons. I worked on A-10s so I am particularly interested in the Maverick, AIM-9 Sidewinder, JDAM, GBU, and basically any "dumb" iron bomb or cluster bomb.
    I would love to do a display with an array of everything that flies on the Warthog with fact sheets and stands.
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    I'd like to reply, but can't

    Cooper, I'd reply, but...

    I need 15 posts to PM you...

    And the info you are looking for is on a site which is partially free and partially pay, so I can't post the site address.

    If you PM me with your email, I'll tell you where to go. :mrgreen: Well, err, you know what I mean.

    Specter (910 SPS)
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    nice site, coot. Although I would definitely recommend not making that rocket-propelled Sidewinder TOO big, or fly TOO high!! hehehe
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    ML Card Models (www papermodels co il, distributor of ModelArt kits), might have something. They have AIM-7L Sparrow, AIM_9F Sidewinder, Mk-82, Mk-82 Sneakeye, Mk-20 Rockeye, GBU-10 and maybe a Maverick (not sure about it). All in 1/32 scale. But they are included in the various kits they offer. In the future, they might put them together in one kit.
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  7. -Jim G

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    Me too!


    I have been neglecting this forum for a while, so now (with winter modeling weather closing in), I have found this thread.

    I am also a former weapons mechanic (bomb loader) but my time of service was back in the 1970's before JDAMs. I did load mavericks, sidewinders, sparrows, GBUs, various CBUs.

    What scale are you thinking for your display? What I would love is to find enough references to design a model of an MJ-1 jammer ;)
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    I hope nothing don't mind me posting this, try his site look under the 'free paper misc' tab near the top of the page there is a 1/10 scale sidewinder and a 1/10 scale AMRAAM missile.
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    thanks paul just read this and was thinking of mentioning it.

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