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  1. CStringer

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    I am looking for a picture of a ICG GP30 in G gauge made by USA Trains. If anyone can help me find a picture, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to see how accurate the paint scheme is before I purchase one. The USA website doesn't have a picture posted yet. Also, I am looking to kitbash a USA Trains GP9 into a GP10 rebuild and was wondering how hard of a conversion this will be since I would have to take the dynamic brakes off and chop the nose. I want to make sure that their is nothing internally that I would to have move or modify to make this conversion.

    Thanks, Cecil
  2. Brian C

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    As far as finding out what that locomotive looks like, you're probably going to have to go to a hobby shop that has one in stock and take a look at it for yourself. Many online hobby stores, except for Walthers, usually use the manufacturer's online pictures to show potential buyers what a product looks like.
    You shouldn't have much of a problem modifying your GP-9 to make the conversion. The only thing you'll want to do is be careful not to cut through the wires that power the marker lights and headlights.
    Hope this helps. - Brian
  3. CStringer

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    thanks Brian

    Thanks, Brian, for the info. It was a big help. Cecil

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