US Cruiser New York - the earliest known cardmodel in the USA

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  1. Hello all,

    if you are interested in the history of Northamerican
    cardmodeling, have a look here

    and you will find surely one of the earliest "real" cardmodels,
    ever published in the United States. At least it is the earliest
    USA model sheet, I have discovered so far.

    Of course there was between 1890 and 1900 the
    Pretty Villageof the McLouhglin Bros. with house made of
    cardboard. The Pretty Village Story is told here

    but for some cardmodelers these houses were "not really"

    But the Cruiser New York is a "real" cardmodel. :)

    I wonder, if some of you have additional informations about
    cardmodels made in the USA before 1900.

    Frank-Michael Goldmann
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    Very Cool! Too bad the paper has started to deteriorate. Hopefully you will be able to stop the process and store it.

    It would have been nice to scan this.............and possible build a copy
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    Wonderful old model! I know the McLouhglin Bros. company mainly from their paper soldiers. After the Spanish-American War they turned out a great variety of Paper soldiers from this conflict including a set of Cuban revolutionaries. I would imagine that they made many more ships like this. The Olympia, Brooklyn, Iowa, Indiana, and Oregon must have been printed up as well.
    I would not mind a scan of this model myself but I would like to try to see if I could alter it so it would be in the dark grey-green color it was painted during the war.

  4. Bowdenja

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    Neat build.............. but it does show how far this hobby has come!8)

    But we would be nowhere............ if it wasn't for our history and the beginnings!
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