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    To all,

    I decided to take a break from aircraft and do something different. This is the Domus paper model of the US Capitol Building. This took 1 day to build. As I was building it, I couldn't help wondering how such a beautiful piece of historical architecture could house so many incompentent morons; but that's a different story.

    The instructions were clear and accurate, and easy to follow. The parts are die cut, but the registration to the graphics was a bit poor. Other than that, this is a great model - even for kids (with a little adult help of course).



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  2. think-floyd

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    wow, that's a superb model, at least from this distance. Does the apparent detail hold true up close? I remember running around this building, killing mutants, in the recent Fallout 3 video game, and thinking that it must be quite a building in reality. Obviously, it's quite something in paper too!

    One question though - where the heck will you keep such a big model!?
  3. exzealot

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    Actually, the graphics are VERY good. Just that the die cuts are off a bit - kind of a shame. I have walked around the actual building a couple of times. It's huge, but the surrounding streets and buildings are a little out of place compared to the capitol. As far as where to store these models, I have a whole basement dedicated to them - plastic and paper. It's out of control, it's a disease; but I love it. I am now designing my own models. Did you see my X-15 design and build (in the aircraft and aviation category)?

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    Excellent job Ken! I would love to see your basement "museum" sometime.

    SEBRET Member

    I really like this one. would look really nice next to my puzz-3d version.

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