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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by roryglasgow, Oct 4, 2001.

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    I'm doing some research on Union Pacific for a layout idea I have, and I was looking at their page on Bailey Yard. Has anyone ever considered (or do you know of someone who has) modelling it? It is simply gargantuan!!! I suppose, if you're just into switching, it could keep several people busy for a long time. Check out the schematic!


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    Rory - And you're going to model it where? Is the Cotton Bowl available?
    My sister lives in a small town near North Platte (Paxton) and I've taken the opportunity to go to Bailey several times - it is truly awe-inspiring! My brother-in-law used to work for the UP so I even got an up close and personal tour once.
    Last time I was back there they had plans on building an observation tower, called the Golden Spike, I think. North Platte is on I-80, in the far western part of the state, if anyone's going that way it would sure make a nice break.
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    That is one doozie of a yard! Any pics you know of that have been taken from outer space? Must be able to see it from the moon!
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  5. Woodie

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    space piccy

    Kewl site and pics. Is your place on that pic?
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    Cool image, Bill! I was using Terraserver yesterday to see the layouts of some yards long a section of UP mainline I've been thinking about modelling.

    In a nutshell, the idea is this: model the stretch between Taylor, TX and Hearne, TX. Taylor is a major agricultural town. It has a small yard with a wye. Moving towards Hearne (along U.S. 79), are Thrall and Thorndale. Both are also ag towns, too, but they're are a lot smaller.

    Continuing down the line is Rockdale. Just before reaching Rockdale, the UP mainline meets up with the Rockdale, Sandow and Southern Railroad. The RS&S was originally created to service a lignite mine, but the mine failed. Later, Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) bought it and now uses it to ship their products (aluminum ingots and powders).

    Hearne is at a crossroads. There is a yard on the "other" line, but I was thinking of maybe making it part of "my" line. Also, there is a car servicing facility there that would make a nifty staging area!

    This line was formerly owned by Missouri Pacific. It crosses over four other mainlines in this stretch (including the BNSF). Valley Junction, a few miles to the west of Hearne, is in the middle of another farming region. There is a silo right at the crossing!

    Most of the traffic is intermodal, autos and some kind of ore/gravel. I don't know if there is much going on locally. I still have a lot of research to do!

    It will be a long while before I start working on this layout (if I do it at all). It's going to require a lot more space and funds than I have available right now!

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    That yard is huge. The cotton Bowl? Nah I think New Jersey would be about right for doing it? Really website too. I really good like the aerial photo graph site. Found my parents house.

    I think if one were to model that yard, it'd have to be in either N or Z scale unless you have and empty warehouse around.:rolleyes:

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    not there!

    Damn.... Sydney is not there! I am at lat -33.90068 long 151.17381 Dunno why it lets you put in these co-ordinates, and for the southern hemisphere. The maps available are US only. Don't forget I am upside down (well right side up to me!) on the other side of the world!:cool:
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    Give them some time. They've added a LOT in the past few years. And most of the photos were actually made by the United States Geological Survey. Last I heard, Australia wasn't a U.S. state! :D

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    51st State


    Make us an offer! There is only 18,000,000 of us! $1,000,000 US each, and it's yours! Price would come in somewhere about the size of George W's trillion $ tax cuts + a cupple of annual defence budgets! Monthly instalments over 5 years will be fine! SHould I plan my $1,000,000 layout??? :eek:

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