Upcoming Spitfire from Halinski

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by robson, Dec 23, 2004.

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    Great, many thanks Robson!

    Notice how well he has solved the problem of the difficult shaping of the upper engine cowling, and the smoothness of the bottom engine cowling. Also the wing fairings, and the general elliptical shape of the wing. Plus of course myriads of other great details. (These problems with the Spitfire were recently discussed here and here.)

    There still seems to be room for some independent ingenuity. I might at least consider making a complete internal rigid framework for the entire fuselage, in order to simplify motorization, battery, wires for leds, etc. But we will see.

    This of course is a must, a delayed Christmas gift for myself!

  3. Ron

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    If ever there is a model that I have to get my hands on, It's this one! Leif,
    I might be following in your footsteps when this kit becomes available. I remember when I was a kid in the very early '70's, the yearly base airshow
    had one of these make the journey from the UK to us. The beauty of a small base is that one could really get up close and personal with the aircraft that
    came in. This one almost floated in on it's own with so much grace and beauty that the images in my mind still still remain as if it were yesterday.
    My only hope is that it isn't printed as dull as the Hurricane.

    All my best!
  4. Gil

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    Sounds like a building obcession has begun...,

    I confess that I too hold the Spit as one of the Lords of the Pantheon of WWII fighter aircraft. I just hope that the model lives up to expectations.

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    Ron, Gil, Robson, and all of you Spitfire lovers:

    I just took it upon myself to transfer this discussion, to the thread where the existing Spitfire kits was initiated. Is that OK with everyone?

    So, please, just go here to continue the discussion. Also, there you'll find direct links to the images, plus a sample closeup of the front of the Halinski kit.

    And Ron, I do look forward to this, just the same as you.

    Best, Leif

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