UP SD40-2's Milwaukee Show Review/Pete's(Sumpter250's) Modulars

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    HEY FOLKS!:wav: , Deano here:mrgreen: , and dad & I went to Trainfest, the BIG Milwaukee Show today:thumb: , Heres my review:winki: .

    With an early wake up i went to dad's and we headed off to Milwaukee, just over an hours drive. i had planned on picking up a UP SD7, FM TrainMaster Demonstrator, a UP Y3, and a few other assorted items:winki: . Dad didn't really have anything in mind, but has been looking for an F7 Milwaukee road engine, and he usually picks up a train DVD or 2.
    i knew Pete(Sumpter250) was going to be there, and he was bringing his modular, so it was high on my list of things to do there to find Pete:mrgreen: . i have seen only a couple pics of Pete's work, and REALLY liked what i have seen, so i was anxious to see more of his work.

    we got to the show about 9:30, cripes, the show had only been open for a half hour and it was about packed! once inside, it was a mad dash to the vender's:mrgreen: . right off the bat i found a Rio Grande SD40-T2 with LARGE speed letters:eeki: , i had to have it, and picked it up for a GREAT PRICE:mrgreen: . Shortly after that find, i came across a BLI Blueline UP SD7, didn't get a great deal on it, but i was happy with the price i paid:winki: . i picked up a decoder, and dad pointed out an AWESOME Pentrex DVD on SP cab forwards, i love all my UP Big Boy and Challenger DVD's so i thought this DVD would make an excellent addition to my collection...so i got it:thumb: . the only other thing i ended up getting was a SOO boxcar from the SOO Historical Society. (I'll post pics of the engines and boxcar in Photo Fun after i do 'em up:thumb: ).

    Dad picked up a Milwaukee Road F7 DCC/with sound for less then $150.00:eeki: , an AWESOME DEAL!:thumb: he didn't get anything else, wasn't much a selection of train DVDs, and we were looking for one of the new 1940's greyhound busses by Mini Metals for his layout, but didn't find any:frowns: . (i am posting 2 pics of dads Milwaukee Road F7 tonight in Photo Fun:thumb: )

    ALL IN ALL, i thought the show was pretty good:thumb: , didn't find many GREAT deals, but there was a quite a few GOOD deals:winki: , and just about all my favorite clubs/peoples modulars was there:thumb: . there is TONS of GREAT stuff coming out soon, or that has just recently came out. A couple examples that comes to mind are Con Cor's HO AeroTrain, and their M1000, WOW!!!:eeki::eeki::eeki: they are SLAP AWESOME:thumb: , the price on those items is through the roof:roller: , but the quality is STUPENDOUS:winki: . And Athearn, sheesh, they have come a LONG, LONG way compared to the old "blue box" days, the detail in their NEW engines is just about as good as BLI's in my opinion:thumb: .

    In all my searching for engines/looking at Modulars, i didn't see Pete, so i figured he'd be working at the GClaser booth, sure enough he was:winki: . man was he busy, i went by the booth 3 times before i could get a chance to talk to him. once i seen he was done with a customer the third time i had been by, i stopped in and introduced myself:mrgreen: . i tell you what, Pete's one heck of a NICE guy!:thumb: after i introduced myself Pete left the booth and took me over to the 3 section modular he built, it was time for him to run some. Folks, Pete is an AWESOME MODELER!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb: i am quite baffled why he doesn't post more pics of his work:confused: , its SLAP AWESOME!:winki::mrgreen:

    i kinda felt bad i didn't spend much time with Pete, like i said, he's really a super nice guy:thumb::mrgreen: , but i didn't want to keep him from his booth long, and at that time, well....i was still looking for engine deals:oops::119: . I felt VERY FORTUNATE to have met such a nice guy/GREAT modeler:mrgreen: , and since Pete don't live to far from me, i am sure I'll see him at other local shows:thumb: . THANK YOU PETE for taking out some of your valuable time to chat with me:smilie: .

    Pics of Pete's Modular
    the 1st pic is of Pete(Sumpter250):smilie: .
    the rest of the pics really don't do justice to the AWESOME work Pete has done, but i hope it gives you folks a taste of his work:winki::smilie: . he had two AWESOME narrow gauge engines running, sadly i wasn't smart enough to have him stop them for the pics, so the shots i took of the engines didn't turn out:cry: , so sorry Pete:oops: .
    :deano: -Deano
  2. Sarge_7

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    Sweet pics Deano, and awesome work Pete:thumb::thumb::mrgreen:
  3. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    I have to agree with you, Dean. C'mon, Pete, don't be so stingy with the photos: let's see more. You do some really nice work! :thumb::thumb:

    Dean, thanks for the photos and the accompanying update, too.

  4. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Fantastic! I really love those bridge scenes!
  5. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    WOW! Really nice work! I like that rock climber in that last picture (look closely through the trestle supports), nice touch.
  6. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Thanks for pointing that out, although I think that the poor guy is actually the switchman from the last train that passed through. :eek::p:-D

  7. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Deano...Awesome pics and narrative, my friend!:thumb:
    Pete...Beautiful, Beautiful work:thumb:! Hope it was a great day for GCLaser as well:winker:
  8. green_elite_cab

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    gotta love those verticle lift bridges! Excellent work!
  9. MilesWestern

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    Love that abandoned Tug, and the lift bridges are indeed impressive!
  10. sumpter250

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    Well, I was going to go out this evening, but with all this praise, my head's swelled up too big to get through the door. :mrgreen:
    So!, Deano, thankyou for all the great pictures! It was a pleasure meeting you and your Dad! :thumb: Just so everyone else knows, when Dean asked about the modules, I looked at my watch and realized I was almost too late for my scheduled run! Thanks again Deano I probably would have missed that opportunity if you hadn't happened by the booth at the right time. BTW, there are pictures posted somewhere on the gauge of both those narrow gauge locos.
    Nope, not the switchman, it's me. Only I'd be crazy enough to scale those rocks without a rope!:eek:
    The tug was copied from a picture on the cover of "Railfan and Railroad ".
    The lift bridges are the simplest and quickest bits on the modules, two Atlas through truss bridge kits, two Atlas deck truss bridge kits, eight Atlas "pier girders" for the vertical towers, and eight N scale pier girders for the cross pieces in the towers. The only "difficult" part was the 16 Grandt Line 43" cable sheaves, and the four pump castings that make up the lift mechanism.
    I do have over 300 pics posted on the gauge, either in response to a thread, or to illustrate a reply to a question. I've always looked at the Gauge as a source of information, and education, for model railroaders.
    Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, and if I had tried to type all the words the pictures represent, I certainly would not have the number of posts I have now! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    The sixth picture deano posted, shows the 38' boat kit from GCLaser. I learned the CAD program by designing that boat!
    Deano, I'll be at the "Mad City" show in Madison Wi. next February. No modules, but at the booth. Thanks again for all the attention, I'm honored, and flattered. Again also, it was my pleasure to meet you and your Dad.
  11. Art67

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    Cool abandoned tug in the photos, reminds me of a similar scene from the B&O Susquehanna bridge {now CSX} bridge here in Maryland. Great Idea.

  12. doctorwayne

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    Hiya Stuart, :wave: nice to see you around. :-D:-D

  13. Art67

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    Hi there, Wayne. Thanks for the hello, I am finally settled into the new house and look forward to getting some much needed modeling started. Nice to be back again.

  14. Uintah Dave

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    WOW that is exceptional work. Nice work Pete. Thanks for the pics Deano.

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