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  1. CP9300

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    Just to give ya a sample of where I am here, I am 20 min away from GMD in London.

    Going through their paces on the GMD test track in July 2000 a pair of Wings, soon to take flight for their new owners.


  2. DaveCN5623

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    Thats some good power , I have operated those a number of times , my only complaint is that the control stands are desk tops .

    The DO have Air Conditioning .
  3. CP_milwaukee

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    I've yet to see any wings up here in Milwaukee, so it's good to see 'em here [​IMG]
    Thanks, Jon!

  4. George

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    Is it possible to have a conversation without shouting in the cab during operation?

  5. LC

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    I had the pleasure to run U.P.4170 last summer, just a short little run, but wow, these things are plush. The desk top controls are sure something, we pushed the control button for the bell to move forward and this little light comes on "NO" ! After a couple of tries the bell did go but we could hardly hear it. This was with three power units. Just to feel that power is an experience I'll never forget.
    If I didn't love #1003 so much I would have tried a trade, but none of the guys on crew wanted to get dirty.
    When running you can whisper and be heard. no more shouting. My only concern, they are so quiet and comfortable, how does the crew stay awake. I'm used to shouting at the top of my lungs and still have to almost crawl in the guys ear to be heard. The most spoken word in the cab of #1003 is a very loud "WHAT".
  6. Woodie

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    Is that London, Kentucky?? Just that I have some friends there. [​IMG]

  7. George

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    That's amazing that the cab is as quiet as you say. And your concerns about staying awake are well founded......Especially since there's a movement afoot to reduce the crew down to one man!

  8. Woodie

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    Again, Isn't there a concept of "Dead Man's Handle" on these long distance locos? You know, If the button isn't wacked every five mins, a great siren goes off in the cab, and if that is not responded to, the brakes are automatically applied? Compulsory here, on all trains, including electric suburbans.


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  9. LC

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    Woodie, years ago there was a "dead man switch" in some of the units, most likely F-3s etc. It was on the floor and the driver had to keep his foot on it all the time. As it turned out this was a great place to put your tool box or what ever would hold the thing down.
    As I under stand it, if used properly, should something have happened to the driver, the release of the switch would cut the power and dump the air.
    George has a good point, a one man crew would not be the best idea in one of these new cabs, but new cab or not, there should always be two persons.
    About two or three years ago one railroad approached the State of Wisconsin in regards to one man crews and the state refused.
    It was also state regulations as to the need for a caboose.

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