UP heritage units, official announcement

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by trainworm, Jul 30, 2005.

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    Neat photos guys. A great idea by UP.
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    :mad: Do you people get the gist of this move? They're reviving the fallen flag marques that they bought out long ago so that they can start charging a fee for manufacturing a model in those railroads like they do now for UP model trains.
    They tried this once before, but since the railroads effectively no longer existed, except on paper, the court wouldn't let them do it. By having these paint schemes out there rolling down the track, they can prove that they actually exist. More money out of our pockets in the long run!!!

    Texas Chief
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    yup they just want more money
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    Guys,Please keep this discussion civil and not turn it into another UP bash as the licensing fee as nothing to do with the discussion of these new paint schemes.
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    It maybe true..
    But the U.S. Supreme Court already denied the UP the motion for liscene fees for railroads either owned by the UP or gobbled up in mergers.
    Unfortunatly...for them...not us...the only royalties the UP can get, are from models of the two loco's with the Heritage paint schemes.
    With that in mind...You think Athearn is going to release one?
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    Isn't it Life-Like that has the Heritage series of locos?

    Seems to me that they could turn it around and give UP a hassle for trademark infringement.:confused:

    Ahhh, none of them have tenders, I'm not interested.:D
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    Ed,I don't think Athearn will do these units because OMI and Tower 55 has plans on doing these paint scheme or so its been reported.
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    I reckon the manufacturers asked UP to do this,
    to boost their sales....

    Brian W.
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    Also here in Omaha, both Saturday and Sunday, was the UPRR FEF 3, 4-8-4 #844, all decked out and ready to roll. I believe that the restoration on the 844 actually began as far back as 1992 and it has virtually been gutted and rebuilt. She's a beauty, just like she was when she was delivered to the UP. She was actually the last steam engine delivered to the UP.

    And thanks brakie for asking folks to lay off the UP. It doesn't do any good even if someone is hacked over licensing fees. So what :sleeping:

    Bob Collins
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    What is really special for me is that I worked here in Council Bluffs in the UP yards a couple of summers while I was going to college.....$1.80 an hour as a tinners helper :) :)

    There were several of the FEF3s in the yard all the time as they were being used to haul fresh produce from the west coast.

    In 1986, while I was living in Hays, Kansas the 844 came to vist on the way to Topeka to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Kansas statehood. I was one of the coordinators of the visit and the PR people from the UP would call me a couple of times a week asking if I really thought people would come out to see it. I kept assuring them that folks would come out, but I think right up to the day of the visit they didn't believe it.

    Hays is a city of about 17,000 and it was estimated that there were more than 40,000 people lining the tracks when she pulled into town :D :D The UP folks were dumbfounded. Little towns as far as 50 miles away had let out school and brought the kids to Hays. It was a great celebration and no one, especially train nut me wanted to see her leave. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I can hardly wait until they finish the newest UPRR display just north and west of the I-80 bridge across the Missouri where they are putting in a Big Boy and a Centennial. One of the best kept secrets for train nuts from around here is that just before the CNW was merged into the UPRR they had built a big new shop on the south edge of their yards. Now the UP stores their excursion fleet there and uses the shop for restoration projects. I make a point to drive by every couple of weeks to see what might be going on :cool: :cool:



    Taken this past Tuesday 08/02/05 here in Las Vegas, NV

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    Let's see some C&EI or CGW units.
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    Gee Brian, maybe you could start a CGW thread. They were the first railroad to leave Council Bluffs and the tracks have even been torn up. :sleeping: :D

    I remember as a kid that there was a big CGW roundhouse and turntable here in town. The CGW actually used the Rock Island tracks out to McClelland, about 10 miles, before they split off and headed for Fort Dodge. I actually rode a CGW passenger train to St Paul in 1959. Think it was about the end of passenger service for them at that time. The equipment was "tired."

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    I agree. If they are going to start the Heritage they should do all the railroads that they gobbled up.

    As for the licensing thing. They already did it and if its so they can get the royalties on it theres nothing we can do now.
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    It is my understanding that they intend to do ALL the railroads that were merged into the UPRR.

    I guess my attitude about the licencing deal is really simple, if you don't like it buy something else :p


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