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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by upguy, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    Here is another of my UP cabooses. (You can see some of my UP bay window cabooses in the photography thread) This is a kit that I built from a Golden West CA-3 kit.

    To my knowledge this caboose version is not available from any of the usual manufacturers, so I had to do it the hard way.... The end result makes a neat caboose, but there is quite a lot of work to building one. I don't think that I will end up building all the kits that I bought.:rolleyes: Too much work for someone who is more into "shake the box" kits.:D


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  2. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    Looks great!

    I'm with you, though... I prefer kits, although I really enjoy scratchbuilding. Between shaky hands and dwindling eyesight, even at my young age N-scale is just a little beyond my limit most of the time. At this rate, I'll be in O-scale before I'm 40!!! :):):)

  3. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    Another CA-3 caboose... UP 25400.

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  4. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    And another...UP 25466.

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