UP 200 ton crane question?

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  1. Hello, does anyone know if the UP ever had any 200 ton cranes? I have a new undecorated one i just built and im looking for a paint scheme. Thanks!
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    UP has such a long history, and is such a large road (having absorbed many, many smaller or rival ones over the years) that it is hard to imagine that they did not have one at some point. Interestingly, with all the contracting out of serivces, and a switch to "non-rail" or Hi-rail type MOW vehicles, they may no longer have a 200-tonner... ;)

    Try the Fallen Flags website for prototype pictures: www.rr-fallenflags.org for picture(s).

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    I don't have time right now but as soon as I can if you can bare with me I'll hook up a couple of pictures of mine. They aren't good but they show the color and some neat thing's I've added plus the steam exhaust stack I removed and made into a more modern unit.
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    Yes, they did, and the 37 is still used all the time up in Portola, CA at the WP RR museum.



    The first one is the former Western Pacific #37, originally built for the WP as a Steam Derrick. It was converted by Holt Brothers Equipment (Where Caterpillar was started) to Diesel power in the early 80's soon after the UP/MP/WP merger. My dad was one of the operators on it, and now my brother and I are two if the Derrick's care takers at the museum, hoping to learn to operate it next year. Dad says that second crane in the photos is of a similar one that UP has, and he also ran it, but the 37 was FAR better. We use it at the museum to re-rail equipment on the rare occasion something goes on the ground, and to lift pices during restoration, repair, transport, etc., but is mainly used as a demonstration of large wrecking equipment. If you're interested, I'll ask some of the other members what kind of photo's they have. I just serviced it last month, I wish you would have made this post then, I could have gotten detail photos for you, but I still can late ron if you'd like.

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