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    I didn't mean to change the shape of the oval. I've seen some books and magazines where they take a Marcator projection of the whole world, both hemispheres, and shrink the top and the bottom so that it fits into an oval shape, much like your logo. You wouldn't need any additional coloring, maybe just a white outline along all the coasts just to show it as a representation of the whole world.
    I don't know if that makes any sense, but if I ever see one of those things again, I will send you a photo.
  2. N Gauger

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    For the most part, the badges are, and always should be a discussion starter. but were originally so members could find each other at shows. :D :D

    As far as that "Oval Globe", That's what I thought you meant. But, most members (Last time we checked) liked it as-is, that might have changed now though.. We'll have to see how many members answer this thread :)

    As far as the badge starting discussions..... unfortunatly, there have been reports, although many just here-say, that the many railroad boards on the net have members that think we are all in some sort of competition. Human nature - I guess.. "My home board is better than yours" :( :( :(

    So mostly, a Gauge Badge, would get just a quick glance from most people that belong to other boards. The prople that don't know, or are looking to join a board are the ones that would ask, I guess :)
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    I like the badge the way it is now!!!
  4. faroukstan

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    Hello, Everyone :

    Just a curiosity : Is there a GUAGE BADGE exchange going on much like it is with E-PASSES? The BADGE, despite its forum's exclusivity, reflects also personality and character at the improvising hands of the particular member. It's worth, I think, collecting(?!)

    Best regards to all,

  5. faroukstan

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    Yes, to the above.... If the aim is uniformity and uniqueness the Guage Badge STANDARD had already been set ( me think) by ;

    N-Gauger, RailRon, UpGuy, Jon-Monon (and the likes)

    Best regards....
  6. TinGoat

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    Hn42 = Narrow Gauge G-Scale

    Hi Ron,


    H for Half Inch to the foot. 1:24 scale. On G-Gauge (#1 Gauge) track it is proportional to 42 inch or "Cape Gauge" track.
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    Not too serious....

    Now I just have to get to a show.....

    Comments and complaints are welcome. View attachment 25932

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  8. N Gauger

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    I added your Gauge ID to The Gallery
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    These E-Passes just keep getting better.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Here's mine

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  12. N Gauger

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  13. N Gauger

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    That's cool thing :) :)
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    Looks Good.:thumb:
  15. Cannonball

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    I figured as long as I was making my ePass, I might as well do my ID badge too. :D

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  16. N Gauger

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    Yeah - you just wanted to give me more work :D :D :D

    I added your Gauge ID to The Gallery
  17. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Idle hands are the Devil's tools. ;)
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    I guess I'll add mine to the bunch also...

  19. N Gauger

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  20. oldtanker

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    Here is mine with a little help from N Gauger!



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