unknown pc switcher any help?

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by slekjr, Aug 26, 2007.

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    When I click your link it gets me to the sign in page for Yahoo Groups.

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    I should have realized that. I don't want to post the photo because it isn't mine. I think anyone can join the group but it took me 7 days to get a confirmation. I'll see if the picture is posted elsewhere
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    Why don't you ask in the group?
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    well the big reason was I wanted a reply. The last post was mine when I joined on Aug 5th, Guess you might say it isn't the gauge.:wave:
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    I tracked down a black and white of the same unit by searching the previous posts in the yahoo group
    according to info the paint job was a one of a kind and the unit was later renumbered and repainted. but.....would be a great way to break the PC monotony on a pike
  7. Ralph

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    Got it! Here's another photo:


    and some info that was the caption for the above photo:

    "DSI #15 was the shop switcher at Merchant Despatch Shops, a former NYC subsidiary company, in Rochester, NY. Shop forces painted their locomotive into one of the most colorful PC paint schemes ever created. The locomotive is seen at Rochester on April 1, 1970. The paint job did not last long, however. Shortly after this photo was taken, the locomotive was renumbered to PC 8605 (2nd) and was repainted in full PC black. Photo by David Turkon, from the collection of Dale A. DeVene Jr."

    A VERY cool scheme. Too bad the entire fleet wasn't painted this way. I think rail fans would have been kinder to the PC! :)

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    I once heard a modeller complain that PC layouts tend to have too many "red P" units. I can't disagree. PC had one of the most diverse diesel rosters ever. You can realistically have variety in this regard. However, everyone agrees PC paint was dull, and I've noticed that repainting seems to have been very quick. I've seen very few shots of predecessor diesels after 1970, though electrics were repainted more slowly.
  9. Ralph

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    Guilty as charged! :) I have a "Red P" F Unit and a GP 9. I also have a
    GP38-2 with an "orange C". Plenty of good ol' black and white though! :thumb:

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    I heard a story that the reason PC units were painted black was that just before the merger, the New York Central had ordered drums of black paint to redo thier loco's. Instead of wasting all the paint after the merger, the PC used all the paint repainting all of the locos that were inheireted from the mereger.
    Is there any truth to the story, or is it just a myth?
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    In answer to your original question, Dispatch Shops Inc. #15 is a EMD SW8. There are a couple of photo's of her in the Withers Publishing book "EMD's SW8" including a color one on the back cover.

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    Even though I model conrail in the 1990s I have some Penn Central freight cars since Penn Central became part of Conrail and since much of it still exists in old PC colors even now. Plus green is my favorite color.:mrgreen:

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