Union Railroad of Oregon

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    This is a test of the attachment feature. I'm trying to figure out some new software that I got and how to save jpg files to the right size, so I can post them to the forum.

    This is a picture of a Union Railroad of Oregon boxcar probably taken about 1985.

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    For those that are not familiar with the Union Railroad of Oregon, this was a short line railroad that operated on about 2 miles of track from the Union Pacific main line to the town of Union, Oregon. To the best of my knowledge it serviced one small lumber mill and one grain elevator into the early 1990's.

    Here is a photo of engine #2, one of the small engines that the Union Railroad of Oregon utilized.

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    Pretty cool upguy!
    That loco might be an interesting project, using one of those NWSL power trucks, & maybe chopping up one of thoise old Plymouth switchers...

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