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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by UP SD40-2, May 14, 2007.

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    Part 2

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    Part 3

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    He's got some interesting critters there doesn't he? Does this mean you'l be building an O scale layout too? Very last picture, middle locomotive... that's a monster! I don't think I know a whole lot about that one.
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    Its a turbine engine, he didn't talk about that one much. He did talk about the fuel for them, pull the oil out of the ground, run it through a strainer, put it in the engine. I guess he worked on the turbines back then. Will have to talk to him more when less people are around.

    No O scale layout for me, I didn't think my ten foot wide room was enough for the HO scale layout that I want, O would be even worse!
  5. UP SD40-2

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    Scott, THANKS for posting those pics:thumb::thumb: , i am drooling over ALL of them:winki::mrgreen: .
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    Those three are all one locomotive! UP's last turbine, coal-fired this time. Front unit a rebuilt PA, still with its prime mover. Second unit is the turbine loco itself, built on the frame of a retired GN electric, B-D-D-B wheel arrangement. And a steam tender. Short-lived and unsuccessful.
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    its an MRC decoder...go figure, and ive had it for about 3 months now..lol
    first one i bought was broke, so i took it back to the lhs and they provided me with a new one!! it sounds great but as of two weeks ago the speaker wire managed to break free of the speaker... and quite frankly i dont want to re solder it on due to the fact i might ruin the speaker...

    and i know this has nothing to do with the UP so ill say this, every sunday i go flying (student pilot) i see a UP SD70M pulling a small coal train that runs by the Missouri River those are the times when i say, wow trains look like N-scale at 3000 feet in the air.
    if i find a photo of it ill post it!
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    My newest aquisitions: a TYCO 2-8-0 tender drive (yes, I know TYCOs are big time failures, but this baby's got prospects for me) and a Bachman 2-6-2 Union Pacific (Brand new for only $20!):
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    tis quiet in here
    everyone say goodbye to my SD70M...lets just say there was an "unfortunate shmelting accident"

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