Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 1/48 Scale

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  1. kooklik

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    When I read the drawings , I wonder how they created such a complecated machine. Without CAD computer like today they could combind parts from several thousands drawings together. Very impressive... Steam Era.

    Rendered pic
  2. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    And it's amazing that such structure can nowadays be modeled by one person...! Digital age ROCKS!
  3. kooklik

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    Hi Lex
    Thanks for kind words. Not one man's building. I'm getting helps from around the world.

    Head Light and Bell
  4. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Sawadee Kooklik!

    Brilliant work.

    It would be interesting to make a diorama with a
    big boy next to a British SECR P-class 0-6-0 - the P-class would
    fit inside the big boy's tender!

    I was researching data for a big boy model when I found this forum.

    Have you seen this youtube video?
    YouTube - MTH Premier UP Big Boy (4-8-8-4) Steam Locomotive
    It may help with the front bogie articulation design.

    More power to your elbow, as we say in the UK!
  5. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

  6. hmas

    hmas Member

    A fully operational paper gas turbine engine in 1/4000 scale?
    just to annoy us westerners with big fat fingers:twisted:
    It's looking good Kooklik.
  7. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Hi to all
    ans sawadee krub Logoc man (thanks for thai greeting)
    Adding little by little.
    Classification lamps and Train Number Lamps.

    Thanks for your link , Logicman. That was the video that I was looking for. Wonderful models !!!

  8. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

  9. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    How difficult would it be to allow for different loco numbers? When this is finished, I would love to be able to build the one that's near me...#4006. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to include this option on the finished model, though.
  10. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    different numbers

    If I may be permitted to answer Bugman's question in Kooklik's thread?

    Apart from colour schemes, there are only two observable differences
    between locos with different numbers, as far as I have been able to

    1 ... the small lettering beneath the cabside number,
    2 ... the radiators on the front bogie.

    If you go through this website, the two radiator types are clearly shown:
    Big Boy Main Page

    and here's another link which may assist:
    Union Pacific Big Boys

    No, I'm not a 'big boy' expert. I was just researching for a novel micro scale design, a 'little big boy'.

    That's how I found this excellent forum, via Kooklik's thread.

    I hope these links will assist you all.
  11. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    You are correct logicman. The biggest visible difference between all of the 40xx locos is the number designation. There are actually three locations...two angled plaques at the top of the boiler, the UP logo sign at the bottom of the boiler and the sides of the cab. The radiator types, while there is somewhat of a visible difference, won't really make a big difference (at least to me) from one 4x loco to the other.

    Does anyone have the Pentrex video on the Big Boys? I have been thinking about getting it but wanted to know whether it was truly worth the money. I'm suspecting that it is, but I'd like to hear from some others who have actually seen it.
  12. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    The simple answer would be to texture the appropriate parts without identification numbers. Then, Kooklik could create a stencil sheet in scale for the modeler to cutout and paint individual numbers on the train.

    I don't even dabble in trains but I will be buying this one for sure!
  13. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Having seen the quality of the trailer, I'm tempted to buy a DVD.

    YouTube - Union Pacific Big Boy Collection

    It's a question of what to pay for:
    divorce settlement
    damages for copyright infringement, multiple instances
    court costs
    broadband & hobbies.

    No contest, really! sign1
  14. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Hi to all and Logicman
    Thanks for answering. The thread is for public. :)
    As bugman said , there another number plate on the boiler. I've already put it to the model.
    Bigboy has 2 radiator locations. The location which i selected is the later type. I'm not sure that this type started from which number. Anyway I will check and make all number plates to the kit.

  15. logicman

    logicman Greybeard


    I saw in another thread that you need front radiator area information.

    Does this photo help?


    It's from:
    Growing With Schenectady - American Locomotive Company
    which has a few pictures of the Schenectady works and other locos.

    This site has a superb animation showing the working parts:
    Virtual guide to Big Boy locomotive...by Sheeju Chandran
    (Where it is marked 'engine' on the front, I would have labelled it

    If you use Firefox, you can right click on the black bit at the bottom of the viewing area and select from the menu:
    this frame > show only this frame
    to make it a proper full screen view - much tidier!

    (My other hobby is making computers work properly) wall1
  16. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    It's a cool site, but one error...

    What he describes the reach rod to be is ''a rod connecting the reverse actuator to the valve gear''.

    That rod is actually the regulator- in very simple terms, the thing that makes the loco move faster.

    My thoughts on the matter is that the reverser would be steam driven too.

    But still a cool site!
  17. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Hi :mrgreen:
    Today I finished the boiler structure.
    And do anyone know what the radiators (at the front of loco) for ?


  18. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Hi, Kooklik.

    Steam engines need lots of water, which was lost as direct exhaust in early designs. A condensing system with some kind of radiator means less loss of water as steam.

    There's an excellent article here:
    Steam locomotive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (scroll down to 'condensors and water supply')

    More links:

    photos, rather grainy, of a kit built model - (no longer available)
    Bowser Bowser - HO - Steam Loco Kits

    huge amount of general steam loco info/photos:
    International Working Steam Locomotives 2008

    (not big boy, but just for inspiration.)


    Looking for something entirely different, I just found this Trix link:
    You may get a false 'file error' if you try to view directly,
    just right click and save the pdf direct from the link.
  19. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    Here's a link that explains what the radiators were for. I haven't found any description of exactly when they changed the configuration of the radiators, just that it was later on in the production run.

    BigBoy Information Center: Radiator

    Man, I'm so ready to build this!! Part of me wants to build it at the intended scale, but there's a nagging voice in the back of my mind that wants to make it bigger...say in the realm of 1/24 scale. That would put each drive wheel at 2.75" high with a total train length between 5 1/2' and 6'. Having access to a 36" wide plotter is both a blessing and a curse!!
  20. hmas

    hmas Member

    May I suggest 1/30 scale that would be big enough!
    The G1MRA Diamond Jubilee DVD is coming...
    Resin driving wheels hopefully will be available in 1/30 as well!

    Re the radiators they should be called condensers.

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