Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 1/48 Scale

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  1. WOW This thing is awsome and breath taking at the same time. Can't wait to see what is next!!!!

  2. kooklik

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    Step back !!

    Hi to all
    It seemed no any progression in serveral weeks ago since I finished the tender truck. I found some problems about the structure strength. Wheels , chassis and bearing are too weak. They were deformed cuased by the model weight. I used too thin paper for load receiving points. I re-designed those parts in the many weeks.

    I found many problems during assemblying the suspension sets to the chassis. Less space , unable to see some points ect. It would be better if separate the tank from the chassis.

    Chassis is the the first new design section. All parts are made from card board. I think this should be enough for heavy weight loading.


  3. shaygetz

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  4. kooklik

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    The pictures of damaged parts
    Bearing deformed

    Damaged bearing's hole (loosen)

    Wheel deformed
  5. kooklik

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    New designed wheel. Internal frame added for better strength





    Tender-151.JPG .
  6. kooklik

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    Fitting test with new bearings.





  7. cgutzmer

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    amazing work!
  8. shaygetz

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    Wow, do you cut these parts by hand, or do you have a pattern cutter of some sort?
  9. kooklik

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    All cardboard parts I cut them by hand. For thin paper I cut by sticker cutting machine.
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    Excellent workmanship...I've just called my broker to roll all my assets over to Xacto knife blades...:mrgreen::thumb:
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    Watching this model take shape is almost as much fun as building it!
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    Sale of model

    Hello, how splendid achievement.
    Do you intend to sell this model when it is completed, as underwater.
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    Hi MauricePoison
    I'll release as a commercial kit. But still very long from now.:mrgreen:

  14. CCT70

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    Silly question, from someone who doesn't know much about card modeling, but what do you use for glue for something like that?

    This sticker cutting machine, is it what we call a "plotter" or "Vinyl Cutter"? I have one, and often wondered if it'd cut cardstock like this.
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    Hi CCT70
    Thanks for asking.
    For the glue , I use latex glue for ordinary paper joining. But in some points which need extra strenght such as wheel frame I use super glue.

    For the sticker cutting machine. Yes as you've mentioned, it works as a plotter too. But my machine can cut 230 grms for maximum thickness. All cardboard (1mm thick paper for the frame) I cut it by hand.

    Best Regards
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    And if I may what is the brand for that plotter ?:oops:
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    great Work!! really looking good!!!!
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    Thanks I will look into it:wave:
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    Finished all wheels last week. And back to the chassis again.
    I spent a few weeks to find suitable materials for making rivets. I found nothing here. Finally I returned to paper. I'll explain by picture step by step.

    Making 2.0 mm paper rivet
    1. Make a punch. Use O/D 2.0 mm shaft and grind the tip to be round shape.

    2. Make a die by punching the rounded shaft to a soft plastic or aluminuim bar. In the picture , I use PE 300 (a grade of Poly Eurythane).

    3. Place the O/D 2.5 mm 70 grms paper on the die. And press by rounded shaft

    4. Completed 2.0 mm paper rivet

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