Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 1/25 Scale (Engine)

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  1. kooklik

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    thanks for all kind words. Today I've finished all wheels. I painted metalic surface instead of using the silver sheet at the front engine.


  2. kooklik

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    Today I've received 5 pages of laser cut parts. After checked all dimension , found no size error. I'll start to build frame bed this weekend. I got a recommend from the laser shop to reduce lines' nodes. There were too much nodes. It makes the line be like a dot line and extends the cutting time.


  3. mikew

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    WOW. Just incredible. By the time you are done, I think you could transfer your parts to thin gauge metal and build a working engine...

  4. montee916

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    Thats awesome stuff
  5. kooklik

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    Hello there

    Start to build the back engine's frame bed. Long frame pieces were cut by hand. Others are laser cut. Laser cut machine was well calibrated. All parts are sharp and exactly in precision.

    The building sequence is engine main cylinders , inner frame , outer frame and back frame. There are more parts than the front engine's. Some parts cannot be added later if assembly in wrong sequence.






  6. kooklik

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    More pictures


  7. kooklik

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    Finished frame bed

  8. kooklik

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    I wanted to see how is the model's length when finished. I was surprised its length in the first look. The total length is 1.6 m.




  9. Chris Knowlton

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    What fantastic work. Let us know when it is ready for sale.

  10. oklacnw

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    Beautiful! 'nuff said!
  11. chooch.42

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    kooklik, Hello again...I'm still with you, still removing mud from my beard, as this staggering creation causes my jaw to drag on the ground ! The only thing more miraculous than your model is the ingenuity, artistry and perseverance you show in designing and bringing this project to all of us. Thank you, again ! Now must wash another dirty towel. All the Best ! Bob C.
  12. kooklik

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    Hello all
    Thanks for following my work and all your kind words.

    This project takes longer time than my expectation. But I never felt that it was too far to the goal. Because I've never been alone on this way. Thank you Bob for sticking with me.

    Today I spent whole day for wheel box. All parts are from the front engine. The laser cut parts could save my cutting time for cardboard parts. But rolling the shafts for springs and wheels ate so much time.





  13. Ronson2k3

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    Very beautiful. It certainly has been a journey. Awesome work.
  14. kooklik

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    Thank you Ronson2k3
    Hope you enjoy this report too :)

    I spent 3 weeks for air brushing frame bed and starting the suspension units. There are so much parts to assembly on the suspension. I can't finish within today.

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    More picture

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  16. Zathros

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    In my younger days, I worked in a leaf spring shop and used to make leaf springs for tri-axle dump trucks and just about anything that had leaf springs. We were one of 2 shops located in Connecticut. I was on the west end of the state so it would make anyone interested easy to find. It took a 50 lb. hammer and a twin forked anvil, lots of heat and you wore asbestos gloves. As I progressed, I ended up in the aerospace industry working on the Hubble Telescope and eventually, at Sikorsky Aircraft. I offer this up only to tell you with some certainty, you model looks like the real thing. Not close, but exactly like it. The metallic wheels are familiar as I lived 10 feet from a train station, Branchville , Connecticut, and saw trains every day. The way the shiny part connects with the black part of the wheels is exactly right. It is actually amazing. The whole model is, so far, and I have been following it since you started, amazing!
  17. kooklik

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    Hello Zathros

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. During my childhood I asked my dad took me to the train station mostly every evening to see the trains. I liked to see the steel wheels roll on the track while the ground was shook. I felt like a big monster ran passed to me. It was so excited feeling for a 3 years old child. I really want to feel how the real Big Boy wheels roll on the track. The quake should be bigger than any train I've seen.

  18. kooklik

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    Hello there
    Slow crawling project. I've started brake links a few weeks ago. Today I combine all parts together. By the experience of the Front Engine's brake link , I improved my assembly method by do all on a template. This method is better for both assembly and precision.





  19. kooklik

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    More pictures





  20. kooklik

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