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    Hi all,

    Right now I'm building the Dutch protected cruiser "Hertog Hendrik" from scratch. The frames and all I are already glued together. My next task is the hull plating, but that is the problem, how do I design the hull plating so that it fits the frames, see attachments.



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    First off, how did you design the frames?
    Most people now use a 3D modeling program, then unfold the model using something like Pepakura. If you're not, it's a little more labour intensive.

    Your attachmenh shows multiple hull sections cut from side-to-side across tee ship. One relatively simple way to see how these should look is to wrap a piece of paper around the frame, and mark out a section of hull plating. Then you can scan that into your computer for coloring, or transfer it to cardstock or whatever. You will find that the pieces curve quite a bit more than you might expect.

    I suggest starting in the middle of the ship and working toward the ends. I've never actually done this, so that's just how I would approach it, not necessarily the best way.

    You can also look at doing the sections lengthwise down each side of the ship as shown in my attachment (from a model I'm currently working on).
    This can reduce the number of visible seams on the hull. Even if you have to split the pieces, so each side of the bottom hull is a separate piece, you can split them at the keel so that seam is mostly hidden from view anyway.

    Hope that helps. There's definitely more than one way to skin a ship :thumb:


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    Hi Steve,

    The frames I just scanned out of a book concerning the Dutch protected cruiser. The biggest problem is the hull plating. I tried several ways to do it.
    Those 3D programs ,I don'tunderstand, I'm to stupid for that. So I tried transparency paper, didn't succeed in that, tried to cover the hull with cardboard strips, as the wood working boys would do it, one big dissaster.
    Finaly I ruined the hull and it ended up in the dustbin.
    First I have to get over my loss and maybe start over again, we will see.

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    Sorry to hear that

    I hear you. I've tossed more than one project myself, and those had instructions! The transparency paper is probably too stiff. Regular printer paper is more flexible so you can wrap it, mark it, and then transfer the pattern to the heavier material.

    Good luck.

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    I want to see more pictures about this complete model~~~

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