Underneath the Arches by Brian Fayle

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by jon-monon, Nov 17, 2003.

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    Bryan Fayle's awesome "Arches" layout was recently published in NGSL. I am posting some pictures of it here with his permission. He also has a very nice website with more picutres of this and other layouts, as well as a tutorial on painting figures. The figures in these pictures are hand painted by Bryan using this method.


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    Thanks for sharing your work and your methods, Brian!!!

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  8. shamus

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    Excellent photos and layout, love it.
  9. TinGoat

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    Hi Gang,

    Brian Fayle is one of the organizers of Narrow Gauge Madness and a member of SORBB (Southern Ontario Rust Belt Builders).

    Our focus is on Narrow Gauge and industrial railroading. We're not gauge or scale specific, but we do try to acheive a high level of craftsmanship to share with each other and through Narrow Gauge Madness.

    I will be with Narrow Gauge Madness at the Toronto Christmas Train Show this weekend. November 22 and 23.

    I think that the Under the Arches mini-layout will be there along with an assortment of other Narrow Gauge models and displays.

    Brian also has a Gn15 mini layout.
  10. Tyson Rayles

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    That is a very nice layout indeed!!!!
  11. 60103

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    I have kidded Brian a few times about bits of his layout. When he first started it, I said that he had more gauges than turnouts -- he's since fixed it. I also suggested that a modeller with his years of experience should be working in at least 18.2 mm gauge, if not 18.83, instead of 16.5. (That's a British joke.)
    The layout also has an R rating, if not X, because of what his LMPs are up to.
    Brian's previous layout, Knott's Wharf, was in Model Railroad Planning a couple of years ago.
  12. jon-monon

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    Gee, I'm shattered, I naturally just assumed the sailor was merely asking the young lady for directions, you mean she's a dope dealer???:D :D :D
  13. Ralph

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    That is one neat little layout! Beautifully made and full of interesting attractions. I'm really impressed! As for the lady in yellow, I think the two guys are talking to her about that "What Not To Wear" TV show on BBC America. :D
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    Bryan's Layout


    Thanks for the pictures. Bryan's layout is excellent, it appears to have so much on such a small space yet not crammed together. What a great hobby! A few years ago Model Railroader ran an article about a guy who had a PRR layout in this huge, million dollar "barn". They were speculating that it may be the largest privately owned model railroad. While probably most of us dream about that kind of room, along comes a guy like Bryan and shows us how much fun can be had in a small fraction of space. To my way of thinking his is not just a model railroad but a work of art!

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