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Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Sawdust, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Sawdust

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    Recently I read where someone had some problems with building log cars from wood & finding them way under weight. I built several of my own with absolutely no problems. I started out with 3/8" wide steel flat stock about 1/8" thick. This went the full length of the car. I wrapped this with thin pieces of wood to look as if the whole thing was a beam. These things tracked very well. Most of my items are packed away right now but I will try to find these & post some pics.I also have milled out a groove in the bottom logs & placed soft lead weights in the groove.If the later is your choice make sure your weight is evenly distributed on each side log so the car dosen't lean.
  2. AresAir

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    Thanks for the pointer . . I'm about to start construction of log car/s using wood...
  3. ytter_man

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    I've tried building log cars from wood, from scratchbuilt balsa to basswood kits, and they never seem to track well while pushed. In fact real life logging roads avoided pushing cars whenever possible. I got some KD skeleton kits just built, all metal, and they run beautifully compared to the wood kits i've had.

    Whatever you do, i highly suggest building skellies out of metal, the extra weight helps sooo much.
  4. Sawdust

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    Pic of Log Car

    Here is a pic of one of my log cars. As I mentioned earlier I wrapped a piece of steel flat stock with wood to give the look of a solid wood beam.
    Hey ytter-man I am going to find those metal skeleton cars you mentioned because I would like to have some running empty. The ones I made look good loaded but not so detailed empty.Thanks

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  5. Dave Harris

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    I think that was me. I also added lead to the logs.
    However as the pics will show, my center beam is much smaller than yours & using metal probably would not have helped that much, however making the WHOLE car in metal might have.

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  6. Bill Nelson

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    nice looking cars!

    Ya'll have produced some nice looking cars . I have scratch built a few cars, but havn't done log cars yet.

    I use Keystone skeleton cars on my Hon3, and they are cast in pewter, or a lead alloy, not sure which, and weigh enough to push upgrade when they are empty., but they don't look that nice.

    Bill Nelson

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