Ultra man rocket

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by redwolf28386, May 21, 2007.

  1. redwolf28386

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  2. Amazyah

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    Cool! Nice find, redwolf!
    A hearty welcome to you also, from another fellow South Carolinian!
    Howdy neighbor!

  3. redwolf28386

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    How Do! Yes Sir, been all around the world, but I love to call South Carolina home!!


  4. C Greg

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  5. tjchung

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    Wow! That brings back memories. Its the Delta VTOL from the original series. Didn't get as much air time as the more popular Canard VTOL, but its still one of my all time favorite Ultraman craft.
  6. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    Ultra Cool!

    Loved That series, (As a kid)!

    Grew up in Plant City watching Channel 44, (Tampa Bay area)!

    Moved north of the line to escape the Blue Hair Yankee Invasion!

    A Big shout-out to all the true Southern Boys, (& Girls), out there from Me too! I love My Home here in "Cracker Country"!!!

  7. redwolf28386

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    Back in the day I used to race home after school to watch Ultra Man, Space Giants, and G-Force on channel 36 out of Charlotte NC! Back before cable and satellite tv !


    now I feel old...:cry:
  8. BARX2

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  9. C Greg

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    Thanks! I also found a Japanese site selling plastic models from the show which gave the same English name. I guess that's what the "UH-002" on the fuselage means.

    I just wanted a name for my records. I've never seen the show, but liked the rocket.
  10. sixtieschild

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    I used to watch Ultraman in Japanese in the 60's, along with Speed Racer and others.

    One I've never been able to find again was a giant robot with what looked like a carot for a nose, and the little boy controled him with a square box with a lever and a short fat antenna on it which sent out the visible radio waves :). I think he was green (the robot, not the boy -- the boy wore a suit and had black hair) But, my memory could be fuzzy by this time.

    I was in Japan at the time...

  11. SteveM

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    and a hako version:

  12. sixtieschild

    sixtieschild Pirate Enabler, Banned For Life

    That is what I had thought, but the versions I have seen do not look like that, the pictures show the robot as gunmetal/blue or with a different nose, and the boy uses a wrist watch.

    Was it "updated" so there are two or more versions?

    This is something from my child hood... I had plates with this and astroboy on them, so the memory is firmly etched in my mind. :)
  13. doc_harvey

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    She kind of looks like a "lifting body", no?

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