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Discussion in 'Software' started by Gil, Mar 13, 2004.

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    I bought a copy and am in the middle of unfolding tutorials and reading help a lot. I read the comments at smartgroups. Seems the comments were somewhat dated (December 2002) as compared to the latest release which seems to solve several mapping problems of applying paint to faceted surfaces (allows artwork done in other drawing packages to be applied to surface facets). I plan to test .dxf files to see how the unfold part of the application works.

    Best regards, Gil
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    Hi All,

    It's working on files that I'd given up on due to tedium..., it even triangulates to insure maiximum accuracy. I still haven't used any of the UV wrapping application but am estatic that it develops some of the older stuff. Looks like the Vought UO-1 will be next after all!

    Best regards, Gil
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    I'm glad to see someone is getting some use from this program. I began playing around with it back in the version 1 days. Thought it had potential although the unfolding was a little limited then. It did unfold several primitives I made and painted. When I mentioned back a while ago on the old boards, or maybe it was the one before that, I got a rather cool response about it being a UV mapping program and not unfolding. I just wish I understood all that stuff a little more than I do. But like they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
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    Hello All,

    I've been looking into Ulitimate Unwrap lately with a greater appreciation for the application than before. Ulitimate Unwrap formerly was known as Lithunwrap and has gone through several iterations and is now at version 2.15. The following is the UU3D's website and the other is a good tutorial on using UU3D for 3D rendering.


    I am wondering if anyone else is pursuing this path toward applying it to card modeling?

    Best regards, Gil
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    Hi Gil,

    I looked at Ultimate Unwrap for unfolding purposes but I don't see that it offers any real advantage over Pepekura. In fact, it falls short.

    Don't get me wrong. I love Ultimate Unwrap--been using it for several years now on computer models (http://www.static-lift.net/virt_sail/main_vs.html) . LithUnwrap, I discovered works great under Linux, too. But I think Javaview has more potential (http://www.zib.de/javaview/). One issue I have with both Ultimate Unwrap and Javaview is that neither offer a convenient way to indicate where you want the development cuts. The other issue I have with UU is that it's Windows only, and since I'm primarily a Linux user...

    I have started writing my own unfolding program in Ruby (cross-platform!!!) but since I only have a few hours a week to spend on it it's slow going.

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    Thanks for posting the links. I haven't used the interactive mapping too much so that second one was pretty informative.


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