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    Scratch Seats

    Howdy! Got out the dollhouse stripwood and cobbled together a banister railing and baseboard to make a long bench which was then cut into seats. A preliminary sanding using 100 grit paper taped down to the tabletop flattened one rounded side of the railing (seat bottom) to mate it against the baseboard (seat back). After it had dried I again sanded down the bottom to lower the seats a hair.

    I set the Chopper to 3/8", roughly the width I was looking for, and used it to score a mark on the strip which became a pilot mark for the miter saw. A couple popped apart where the wood glue may have been thin but a little sanding and some CA fixed that.

    Here are some pictures. The last two show the seats just sitting on the modified plans (enlarged template...why Ulrich just didn't make it full size to begin with doesn't make sense to me...I'm guessing it was to get both coach and combine floor diagrams on the same instruction sheet so they'd only have to print one...) The first is just the two strips clamped while the glue dries.




    Up next - some touch-up paint on the shell as well as painting the seats and other interior details. We'll see how much I get done tonight before the midnight feeding. Wife and kids are at MOPS tomorrow morning so I'll have a quiet house to maybe do some airbrushing...I want to put a smoother coat on the roof, despite my very smooth brush job. Good excuse to pull out the airbrush and fire up the compressor.
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    Lilac Dusk

    Pink seats? Sure, why not. I wanted something in the red family but lighter to show up through the windows. 'Lilac Dusk' was the Delta Ceramcoat color I chose. I also put another coat of yellow on the window frames last night as well as a light tan blend on the sides and backs of the seats and coal box. The stove has a coat of 'graphite'.


    The little seats & other bits are stuck on some tape wound around a piece of moulding (came with the dollhouse wood lot...score!) as a handle. I may flip it over and use the other side when it is time to paint lil people for the wee seats.

    Stay tuned...
  3. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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    That a Philips or a flathead in the background? I think I have that same screwdriver.
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    Uhh...flat actually (minus, as my wife calls it, phillips is plus). Z, you're either very perceptive, very bored, or both to notice that screwdriver back there with pink seats on a stick in the foreground! Bonus points if you can tell me what the book is!

    Thanks for checking in!
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    Great work.....!!! Your inventiveness is a treat to see..!! I love those lpb seats..!! They look A LOT better than the stock ones..!! :thumb:
    I use the same method to paint small parts (airbrush), to get a handle on 'em, and to keep them from flying off into the 4th. dimension..!! :mrgreen:

    Enjoy the little one...It's a long trek to seeing some more when you become a Grandpa...:wave:
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    I was going to chime in and suggest Grandt Line's seats...but you've come up with a better solution already!

    Might I suggest putting blinds in the window by the stove? You can easily make them out of clapboard siding.

    I agree with you that a) your brake gear looks great and b) it is fun to build and then admire your complete brake work.

    Looks good! Keep up the good work!
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    Grandt Line...gotta check those out. I think I forgot to mention that I plan on saving the Walther's seats for the Selley cars waiting in the wings.

    nkp - I think there are already boards in the window where the stove goes.

    Thanks to all for the comments!:thumb:
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  9. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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    It looks like an older Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

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