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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by littlebuddha, Mar 14, 2007.

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    UK says hi guys, my track is starting to get somewhere know after a few months of work and still a long way to go, don't get to much time with work and other things i do, but getting a shape to it, the bridges and oil unit and freds place are all scratch built, the base is from 2x1 and foam the telegragh poles are scratch built as well also the lights n the goods yard, still in a bit of a mess and bits of track waiting to go down and load more trees and road way to do as well as a church behind the village, and a lot of wiring s well, the whole thing runs nice though, big kid at heart. Be nice to here of your thoughs good or bad, hope you like the pics....
  2. littlebuddha

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    the pics

    Had to resize

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  3. littlebuddha

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    few more

    See what you think for now cheers

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  4. Meiriongwril

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    Hi - nice pics. Good to see british outline trains again (ex-Pat here!) Did you use Peco track? If so, what about point motors - are those Peco too? How good are they, as there's been some criticism of Peco motors on the Gauge.
    Are you based in UK - if so which part?
    Cheers -
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    It looks good.
    My first reaction was: the grass is too green, then I realised it's a British layout.
    It's refreshing to see some different locomotives and rolling stock the the ones we are used to see on this forum such as GPs, SDs, Alco, 40' boxcars etc...
    Could you please post a few more pics of your rolling stock ?
    Is all your layout made with Peco flextrack ?

    Where is the local pub on your layout ?
  6. littlebuddha

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    uk returns

    Hi guys thanks for the reply, Okay the local pub is on the last pic right to the back behind the phone box whitish looking and you can just see the red roof of the chipshop to the right above the tree. Most of the track is peco and there is sum bucham as well, the points are mainly peco also the points have never had a problem from them. The grass is a little bright more through the flash it is darker in real time, the rock looks very light where the steps go up the side to the old village again the flash will have to get my pics a little better.
    I live here in the UK in coventry which is in the Midlands. My friend form next door has just gone out to Atlanta for six months to a year to be with there son, im hoping to get some bits brought back. As for rolling stock will try and get some more pics done, not got everything out as yet as far from finished all in boxes. But good exuse to have a play with it. cheers both and thanks for the comments.
  7. littlebuddha

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    A lot of the green that is bright could well be the undercoat that is painted on the foam base as it has not been finished off, i build bits here and there put bits of houses and finish touches as i go, its the way i work, if you look to the back wall and see a white strip of foam and the starting of the oil refinery there is some green there between the straight track it is just painted foam, mainly so when the scatter goes down any small misses you dont see white. Still a lot of ground work to do and im learning as i go this has been my first board and it is about 37" x 96" at the longest side.
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    Nice layout..In the second picture it looks as though part of a factory is sitting on the tracks,or am i just not looking at it the right way?
  9. littlebuddha

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    You are right there is a building across the track, it just happens to be there, just dropped not where it will be just happens thats where i put it, there is also a couple of lenghs of track running across track, there just sitting waiting to be placed thats all. Still underconstruction.
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    littlebuddha, looking good!

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