UK Had Cabooses?

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    A friend of mine has a son that has Thomas the Train battery operated train. I know Thomas is based on the UK railroads. Did the UK use something like a caboose? He is upset because Thomas has no caboose.:cry: If there is a caboose for Thomas. What is it's name?

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    is this Thomas for wooden track? If so, Thomas DID have a caboose, red too, but only if you bought the freight train pack a few years back
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    There is a brake van in the Thomas story where the S.C.Ruffy wagon gets crushed.
    Brake vans were a little like bay window cabooses, with very small bay windows. They served as office space, but the main purpose was to provide braking power on trains that didn't have controllable brakes on all the cars (which was most goods trains until the 70s or 80s). There was a big manual brake wheel in the middle of the car. (regret my only photo is a slide). The ends would have either an open platform or a veranda. The paint scheme (latterly) would be either grey or bauxite (boxcar red).

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