UHU02's Valley Forge

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by OhioMike, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Tintellaar

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    And he stutters...

    Thank You! :) :mrgreen:


    No faint praise from uhu02 himself!

    Fantastic job, sir![/QUOTE]
  2. Tintellaar

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    I have been for some time been printing double or triple copies so I could cut out parts and raise (sometimes lower) them for more depth... well, I loved the way the artificial water looked and noted it had the surface tension effect, so, I used that at first with glue, then with the liquid water to make depth to the tanks and other structures on the model by creating curvature to the parts... After I got it somewhere close, I painted them white... too white tho, later i used a little black paint to try and match the space worn look of the rest of the craft... A lot of work and a lot of fun :) Came out ok I think. Later, as you can see the hex structures on the surface of the ship I gave curvature and then placed another thin paper print over the curve to give great appearance of depth, this really turned out well! Oh, I also added more tanks to the bottom of the domes and the ship surface as well, again, either using extra prints or parts from other models...

    It is Uhu02's attention to detail that pushed me further! His work is an inspiration!!!

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    Umm.. By doing the best job possible with one of his works (and in the process, hopefully encouraging others to do the same)?

    Oh, wait- You're already doing that. :thumb:

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    Tintellaar, that is an absolutely outstanding build. The model made by UHU is gorgeous, yes, but you've taken it to a whole new level. Congratulations of doing such a beautiful job.
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    Who's got the files to make this starship?
  6. sgoti

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    They're still available on his website (I just checked).

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    I lover this model, I loved this movie, I loved everything about it. Yes, it was idealistic, but it was a great classic.
  8. Valley Forge

    Always one of my favorite Sci-Fi space craft designs. And I never noticed that it was designed and built without engines until I read about the shhoting model in a magazine article, years after first seeing the movie.
  9. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    Wow! I must say that is some fine model design/build. I finished my design and never was able to find the time to proto. It is good to see someone has this project in progress with such a high degree of skill, and detail.

    The Duke
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    Excellent work....It is so surprising about the domes. You would think they were these ENORMOUS areas of space....when in fact they now look like the size of a kid's playground or a neighborhood parkl

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