UHU02's Enterprise

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by legal01, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. pittpenguin123

    pittpenguin123 New Member

    WOW this is amazing
  2. bgt01

    bgt01 Exemplary Confidant

    Hats off, buddy. She's a beaut!:)
  3. spaceagent-9

    spaceagent-9 Right Hand Man and Confidant

    WHATS THIS?!?!?!
    almost a three footer!!! GEORGEOUS!
  4. T4NK

    T4NK New Member

    Hello legal01!
    I just stumbled upon this threat. Simply: WOW!
    Since almost a year has past since the last entry , I wanted to ask you if there are any news on the possibility to publish the file for the upscaled JJ-prise Model? (Man I want this so bad!)
    Really awesome work.
  5. spaceagent-9

    spaceagent-9 Right Hand Man and Confidant

    I always wanted an original series 3 footer.
  6. blake7

    blake7 Member

    Last I heard from legal01 on this he was trying to get permission from UHU02. It has been awhile, so I am not getting my hopes up. UHU02 is a great designer, and legal01 does a fantastic job of re-sizing models. It would be really nice if UHU02 gave his permission.
  7. dnalor

    dnalor Active Member

    great looking ship...nice size...perfectly build!
  8. legal01

    legal01 Member

    Alas, the permission side has been silent, have tried emailing, messaging, semaphore, interpretive dance, everything but alas no permission granted yet. Will keep trying and when it does then I can publish the upscaled model.
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  9. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Have you sent him a copy of the files and ask what he thinks of the work that you have done?
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  10. blake7

    blake7 Member

    You might even consider letting him keep the files on his website instead of here. UHU02 likes to keep all his designs in his library. Atleast that way people could still get it, but through UHU02 like all his other models. It is just a thought.
  11. legal01

    legal01 Member

    Yup, tried that and tried that one too as well, so far no response at all!
  12. blake7

    blake7 Member

    Well I can think of only one more thing. On his new builds. Under comments. On the newest page you could leave a comment. He does read them when he finishes a new model because I have left comments and he thanks everyone by name who has commented on his latest model when he finishes a model.

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