UHU02 X-Wing Build Thread by nero_on_fire

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by nero_on_fire, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. starbuck

    starbuck Active Member

    Holy Moly - this is a really small droid.
    Great work - congratulation - at the end it will be an excellent fighter on your table.
  2. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    That is a good looking R2-D2.
  3. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    That's not R2D2, that's, R2D2!! Great job!!
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  4. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    No new pictures to update (I'm a slow builder...), but I have to say, that UHU02's model is a total charm to build. Each part and bit fits like a glove into the other, and unlike other models there is so much precision put into the concept of the model. I just love to build this, more like any other model I have done before.
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  5. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    So, this is an update, but with bad news.

    In the last weeks the models has been laying around because I couldn't find the time to continue. Today I started building again and discovered, that some of the dark grey parts now have faded into a green shade of grey. This affects almost all parts and I'm not really sure what causes this.

    Either the inkjet paint reacts to natural skin fat when touched heavily, or, what is more possible, the UHU glue I use soaks the paper with solvent and changes the injekt paint. I am sad and angry at the same time, but I will try to continue the build. Changing my building habits mid-build would be a bad idea and would probably make things only worse.

    So everybody using UHU extra glue, take care and maybe test the printed paper before actually building.

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  6. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    What kind of ink are you using?
    What kind of paper are you using?
    Are you using some sort of treatment on the paper before or after printing?
    Are the parts exposed to direct sunlight?

    These are all factors that have to be considered as well.
  7. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    Usually, I consider these factors and didn't have a problem with the glue up to date. But for the X-Wing, I followed UHU02's recommendation for matte Canon photo paper. So I think to paper structure is more open to better take up the ink and also the glue soaks in better. I'm using a Canon Pixma printer with original Canon ink.

    After the first shock I am now getting more used to the look of it. There are already some things I would do different or better if I would build the model again, so I take this as a valuable lesson and we will see how the model will turn out.
  8. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    You printer probably uses "Dye" based ink. You should use a printer that uses Pigment Ink. All serious modelers use this. Dye ink could fade a model left into Sun and make the ink disappear in a week.. Pigment Ink is archival. It will not react with glues or be displaced by glue penetration. This is the problem I believe you are having. It's one reason I stay with Epson Printers because Epson uses primarily Pigment Ink. You cannot use Pigment ink in a non Pigment Ink as the Nozzle is a heated to Spray the Ink hot, which helps it bind to the surface excellently. Dan, B. King's water formed "2001" space ship model would not have been done with a day based printer. Let me know the model of your printer, the make, and I can tell you if it is a Dye based printer. OK.? :)
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  9. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    Oh. :eek: I didn't know about the difference in consumer printer inks, for me, it was just "ink" :facepalm:

    My printer is a Canon PIXMA MG5650, it has the original ink by Canon.

    Although I said I will not change my habits, I will additionally do some tests with a different glue. I usually use "UHU extra" which has more solvent (therefor dries faster), but there is also "normal" UHU glue, with less or none solvent. I will print two pages with full grey (as in the model) and then try the normal UHU with different levels of it layered. Maybe I can single out the reason for the color change, so I (and maybe others) can avoid it.

    Nevertheless, thanks @zathros for helping me with the printer. I guess every mistake made is a lesson learned. So this is a big lesson to me :(
  10. sadie

    sadie New Member

    This is great info @zathros.

    I've seen a couple of replies where you mentioned that you also went to Staples to print out models. Do you think having a printer would potentially be more feasible in a long run than going to Staples? If so, what models/types of the Epson Printer and ink you would recommend? I found the 110 pounds card stock paper you mentioned from Michaels, and I believe that Staples would be okay for customers to bring their own paper as long as it comes with the package so they would know if their printers are compatible. I guess I'm just curious if having a personal printer would be better. Thanks :)
  11. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I have an Epson Workforce 13" by 19" printer, but they are hard to find. I purchased an Epson XP-320 for $39.99 from Walmart, on sale, that has a built in scanner, is wiresless. If it works and prints 5 models, I will consider it a worthwhile investment.

    Go to www.inkproducts.com" too purchase O.E.M. ink for it at ridiculously low prices. Tell them you want this: http://www.inkproducts.com/ink-store441/product.php?productid=1444&page=1

    Call them first, YES, they answer the phone!! They will then tell you how to order it online through their website, to make sure you get what it needs. This kit also includes the special cleaners and associated syringes for doing this job. The printer will become tiring and you will get a new one, only because you have had this printer you have kept going with their inexpensive products for so long.

    Get this CISS for $99 dollars;

    ep 220 ctg NEROs.JPG or this CIS: Epson-4-color-CIS.jpg

    both the same price, you'll need ink, buy this 2 years worth of ink!!, at moderate building: 4PIGMENTCOLORSET.jpg
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  12. sadie

    sadie New Member

    @zathros, thank you again for sharing this with me/us in such detail. This definitely helps me and I believe it also helps many others out there searching for a more affordable way to go crazy about paper crafting :)
  13. starbuck

    starbuck Active Member

    Did you ever consider using a protection spray?
    I use it always directly after printing the sheets.
  14. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    Yes, I did consider it, but up to date haven't found a spray that I can buy here in Germany. There are some sprays for paintings, but I'm not sure if this really does the job. The sprays for paintings are used after everything is finished, not before you extensively start touching everything. And some are quite expensive and I couldn't just buy it to see if it works as desired.

    I have made the glue tests mentioned above and the results right now look like the color change is a combination of too much UHU extra glue and naturaly skin fat applied while touching it. Will post the results with the next update, which should follow soon (interior nearly done).

    If anyone can recommend a spray brand to cover fresh printed sheets, this would help me a lot.
  15. starbuck

    starbuck Active Member

    I found one at pearl and the same and other ones at amazon. - search for "inkjet fixierspray".
    I personally use the one of pearl.

    As mentioned I spray before I build - and I never had the bad experiance which you had. Maybe it is worth a try.

    I think a "Lack" is for the finishing if wanted, but the normal fixing spray should do the job.
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  16. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    @nero_on_fire,you could try the "dope" used by stick and paper plane modelers, which will provide a chemical barrier. not sure if it is one that will work, but a good hobby shop may have or know what you are looking for.
  17. sadie

    sadie New Member

    Unfortunately InkProducts only ship to the U.S. :/ By any chance, do you know any other options available for outside the U.S.?
  18. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    No, I don't get out often. Dupont is the manufacturer of all of these inks, so doing a Google search in your country may lead you to a distributor, and onto one an establishment that deals with the retail public. :)
  19. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    So, recent progress:

    I finished the side interior with no further problems. I'm quite happy how everything turned out, although the picture looks a little bit wobbly and bend, it is actually really straight. The next step to come scares me a little bit, as UHU is asking to cut only halfway trough the paper and gently rip a layer apart from it. Not sure if this gonna end well on the first try, but I got enough paper to tackle the next challenging task on this build :hammerhead:


    And next are the results of the glue test, printed the grey from the X-Wing on small strips and glued them double together. From top to bottom, the used glues:
    1. Bookbinding glue (water based), thick layer
    2. Bookbinding glue (water based), thin layer
    3. Pritt glue stick (not suitable for model building, just for comparison)
    4. UHU regular (water based), thick layer
    5. UHU regular (water based), thin layer
    6. UHU extra (solvent based), thick layer
    7. UHU extra (solvent based), thin layer
    8. Left stick of paper: Without glue and heavily exposed to sun for comparison
    As you can see in the picture, there is a red staining. Fun fact: The red stain came out only hours after the parts were glued. After about 3-4 days, the red stain started to turn into a green stain, which you can see in the picture. I guess after about 2-3 weeks the stain will be completely green.

    All water-based glues proved to be unusable for me, as all started to distort the paper, even with thin layers of it.

    I will continue using UHU extra, but will keep using as less as possible, I did tend to soak the paper in glue to make sure it really sticks, though you don't really need to do this.

    For the next build, I will definetly look for some other glue and also do glue tests with the used paper beforehand. Maybe, if the green stain will look to obvious, I can convert the X-Wing into the one Luke crashed onto Dagobah. With it half sunk into a swamp and stuff. I don't really have experience in building a diorama like that so this will be a "last resort" solution, we will see.

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  20. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    When I was living in Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland), I had the to use "HERKULES" brand white glue. I had GREAT SUCCESS with it! You can order it off the internet.


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  21. lyter1958

    lyter1958 Esteemed Member

    looking GREAT nero..Claphands once it's all done, it'll look fantastic sitting on a shelf !!

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