UFO skydiver or seaview

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by spaceagent-9, Jul 20, 2013.

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    im so glad that sky diver is coming out hands down as the winner. someone pointed out that the pilots of vttbots is what jerry stole to make the ufo pilot, kinda hafta not say anything in defense about that........
    I loved seaview when I was a kid, crawling thru airvents and such. but the sub, although attractive, when compared to skydiver, I dunno, all of the sudden I like skydiver better. I cant really explain it. I wish skydiver was bigger.
    I would like to see the seaview movie create a blue seaview, with portholes instead of the bay window, and shorter with a more spade like nose, instead of the rounded wings and bay windows. but the flying sub must stay the same. I am in no way critical of seaview, but those would be the changes in design I would make myself.
    always day dreaming of bashing new kits together..........
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    SPAMMER! sign1
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    I agree; voyage to the bottom of the sea, the series, was lame, but the original movie was terrific, especially Barbara Eden! UFO was great, much better than the Invaders, which I recall airing about the same time. All of the SHADO vehicles had a "sleek" look that took away from their realism. Later, Gerry Anderson got better with Space: 1999. IMHO.
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    I'll have to hunt this show down and take a "peak."

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