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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by PapaBear, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. PapaBear

    PapaBear Member

    Hi People
    Found this one but not sure if its freebies for download,
    if anyone could help with some translation, maybe?

    The link's here;- http://sega.jp/pc/soft/ufo/papercraft/

    They're just kewl models from one of my fav series.
    If its free to download and you find the link, please let
    the rest of us know where!! Thanks!!

  2. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    They look like nice models and I found a link but it just lead to a white ship not a green one, I think it was just the instructions?
  3. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    theres already a thread about this ... i think no one has found a way to get a proper model from the site as it seems they are only available when you purchase the game.
  4. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    Oh thats a shame they look quite good, I might build a white one in small scale from the thumbnail.
  5. PapaBear

    PapaBear Member

    Thanks GT5500 and Stev0
    Yeah, you're probably right about it being part of a DVD set or game.
    There's something about it on the SEGA corporate website.

    Sorry if I'm repeating a thread, though I did do a search for 'UFO interceptor' before posting. I'll double check again next time.

    Ah well, I have been thinking of making my own paper versions of it.
    Might give that Pepakura a go perhaps - I've the shareware version but never got my mind around to using it yet.

    I'll post back if I do something there.

    Thanks again.

  6. MacHine13of13

    MacHine13of13 Member

    Models Downloadable!!!

    Alrighty, Buds...

    Here's what you NEED...

    Either Netscape (my prefered) or IE...

    Adobe Acrobat (I have 7.0 Pro)...

    FLASH (newest is what I am running)...

    You, then must load your desired model, like Sky One...

    RIGHT CLICK in the model's field, but NOT on a part...

    Scroll down the options and "PRINT"...

    Here, I have saved to a file... Yes, I have all three...

    Shame is that I'll have to color the PDF models and I don't know what the scale is, as I have not tried this "STUNT", before; however, I'm sure that someone should know how to "upscale" the PDF's...

    And, I repeat... I have all three. :-D


    PS - will share if asked... SEGA posted them, and have not used a program like WEBDUDE has to prevent such, so they must be meant to share.
  7. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Your sharing the white models???
  8. MacHine13of13

    MacHine13of13 Member



    I am willing to share what I was able to garner, which is white (at persent, I intend to try my hand at colorizing them), but the red markings are in place.

    I'd almost suspect that the "white" areas are there, but the greys or greens were pulled.

    At first, I considered trying to find grey cardstock (if they were susposed to be a brownish, I'd just use straining the stock with tea or coffee, which works with "aging" photograghs before they are finished, as I learned ages ago).

    The offer to share was due to the fact that some people don't have the where-with-all or time to go through the steps I mentioned to get the "white" copies, and it did take me a few tries to get that much down correctly.

  9. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Did I miss something?
  10. MacHine13of13

    MacHine13of13 Member

    Never A Miss

    Sorry, Steve...

    I wanted to make sure that people understand that I can love someone's work and not have to swipe it. You have an excellent site and I can understand why you make sure that you work stays yours by "safe-guarding" it.

    I'd like to do as nice a work (both modelling and IS) as you do.

    I did not mean offense, but rather a compliment. I'd be the same with a swiss account... LMAO

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.:)

  11. cjd

    cjd Member

  12. MacHine13of13

    MacHine13of13 Member


    Thanks for uncovering that site (I'd only made the "Blockheads" Area. Seems there's also "Thunderbird 4", as well as ships from the "Ultra Hawk" series, and more.

    The better link though is


    Again, Thanks,


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