UFO - 1970 British sf tv series

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  1. Guzzi 850

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    Dear members of the Zealot Forums
    Do you know where I can find models of the 70's TV series UFO. Paper (downloadable) or plastic (manufacturer's name would the rich, web addresses would be great of course). About your information as I would be very grateful.
    Thank you für your help.

    Sorry for my bad English (Google-Translate will help, but is not in all correct)
  2. Gixergs

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  3. Guzzi 850

    Guzzi 850 New Member

    UFO British TV Series

    Dear Gixergs

    Thank you for the link.

    Sincerely Thannhausener
  4. vbsargent

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    Wow . . . that takes me back! We watched that series when we lived in Canada in 71-72.
  5. ClassX

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    Awesome! I like that seaview model from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
    It is already on my "to do" list :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the link.

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