U.S.S. Walker - NCC-364

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    Well, here's another addition to the TOS fleet. This is the U.S.S. Walker. She's what I'm calling a Ranger-class Patrol Ship. She's built from Pdmccool parts and modified Rawen warp engines, with some additional repainting and hull registries by me. The names "Walker" and "Ranger" are a play on "Walker: Texas Ranger" with Chuck Norris. The NCC-364 just looked good on the hull and because this is supposed to be an old ship by TOS time, I picked a number that is below the 500s used in the Star Fleet Technical Manual.

    I always liked it on Star Trek when we got a glimpse at ships that came before the Enterprise. I wanted to create something that would show how far Starfleet had come to get to the Enterprise we know. I could see some of the earlier ships would be very small with limited range and volume. Walker was one of the first to use the warp engine design we see on Enterprise. Her small engines can make Warp 3 max. Her compact design is sturdy, but limited. She has more phaser power than a Scout-class ship, but for a shorter duration. These ships formed the backbone of the young Starfleet until the larger capital ships came along. Old, but still useful, ships like Walker were eventually reclassified as Patrol Ships and given defensive duties for UFP territory.

    The Walker design is a little chunky on purpose to make her look like an older ship. I started this a long time before I started taking build pics, but she's a straight Rawen-type build. I modified some Rawen pylons to bring the warp drive closer to the hull. The engines are scaled Rawen parts with the Starfleet pennant redone to retain its size. The remaining parts are Pdmccool parts. I mounted the navigational deflector on the primary hull because it looked ridiculous everywhere else. And that's it!

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    Groundbreaking work!!!!! I believe I have only seen the deflector attached to the front of the main hull by the Jackill artist Kristensen....This is actually good as we see Voyager evolving into this kinda of standard in Star Trek: Voyager......
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    I would only add that a fan tail might be nice on the aft bottom. are these available for download anywhere?
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    Thanks @vulcan8630. I like consistency and that means there has to be a nav deflector somewhere on the ship. It didn't work anywhere else, so on the saucer it went. If I did another I'd probably redesign the saucer edge to incorporate a "deflector strip" to make it more streamlined.

    @spaceagent-9 I haven't packaged any of these as downloads, but I always say they're just Rawen and PDMcool parts that are already in the download section. That way the original designers get the credit. I just mix them together, although I do modify some parts so if someone wanted to make this exact ship they'd have to do some work. I guess I just never thought anyone would want to recreate anything I've done. I put a ton of work (along with lot of help from @zathros and Rawen's blessing) into the original and Mirror ship files in the download section as a labor of love, and I see they've been downloaded a bunch, but I haven't seen builds from anyone else. So I figure this is way more interesting to me than anyone else, which is often the case:rolleyes:. So I just keep pulling parts and building the occasional model and that's it. If you want to build any of these just PM me and we'll go from there.
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    I like the look of this ship. It really has a "retro-modern" look to it and fits the TOS series excellently! :)

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