U.S.S. Scott - NCC-2421

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    Here is an interesting addition to the fleet. This is the U.S.S. Scott. I built her from some of the most interesting of Paul McCool's Rawen add-ons. My reasoning behind the design is the Scott is a "working" test ship for new technologies.

    - Her altered primary hull allows for the warp engines' bussard collectors to be placed more inline with the hull, thereby allowing a lowered profile.

    - The Scott has the prototypes for the next generation warp engines, which will be seen on the refit Enterprise. These engines are much larger than the TMP engines due to the ongoing process of refining technologies, as well as the multiple redundant hardware needed for safety. While they are a more efficient design they are also prone to intermix imbalance on a far too regular basis.

    - Because the new engines produce torsion and stress above what the re-purposed secondary hull of the Scott is rated for, additional horizontal pylon support has been added. This configuration will resurface during the Excelsior-class design to accommodate that ship's lengthened warp engines.

    - The tried and true forward deflector dish has been replaced with the new in-hull design. This eliminates the possibility of the deflector being snapped or shot off its support mount, thereby rendering the ship unable to move at warp. It's increased size and larger power transfer hookups also allow for a major increase in deflector efficiency, which is necessary to accommodate the faster warp engines.

    - While very much a prototype, the Scott also serves as a "ultra" heavy cruiser and takes part in various Starfleet research and defense operations. However, due to the ship's test status she is not equipped for diplomatic duties.

    I've been looking for an excuse to use what Paul calls his "Phase 2" warp engines. I added color and custom hull registries. I also added some outlet ports on the end of the warp engines. They were blank to start with. They are fun looking, but they don't exactly come out square. I started them and the rest of the ship a long time ago, before I stared taking build pics. Pretty sure I can make a better version if I do another one.

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    More pics of the U.S.S. Scott.

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