U.S.S. Marco Polo - NCC 1290

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    Here's the next addition to the Starfleet. She's the U.S.S. Marco Polo. Model by Sidewinder81777 based on Rawen's original design. I have repainted the hull name and registry and swapped out some parts from the add-ons by Paul McCool (pdmmcool).

    She's basically a TOS version of the Nebula class starships. This model had no instructions or completed build pics, so I built it on the fly. I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of the post-TOS designs, nor am I always a fan of the TOS reinterpretations of TNG and later designs, but this ship is a nice balance of the two. It definitely looks like something that could have been docked at K-7 in Kirk's time. I could see this ship being a design between the Constitution class and the Miranda class.

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    As with the others before this one, You have done a GREAT JOB!!!
    I have to say that it is an interesting ship and yes, it does fit in quite nicely with the TOS (Kirk era) time.
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    I LOVE IT!!!

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