U.S.S. Iowa BB-61 (Tribute for Michael Igneczi June 14, 1951 – April 10, 2013)

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    On wednesday, April 10th, 2013, One of my dearest friends, Shannon, and his Brother, Bryan (Both good friends of mine) and Scotty (Shannon and Bryans mother, and Michaels wife) Lost their father, Michael Igneczi. I'll start with their own words first:

    Shannon Igneczi
    my dad... one of the purest souls I know, whose love and wisdom are beyond measure, whose impact has been tremendous, and whose absence will be indescribable...

    I love you, Dad... your foot steps have been far too shortly lived, but your foot prints will last forever... God speed... I pray that the most of peace and grace surround you, and I thank you for everything

    Bryan Igneczi
    Just over a week ago, my family's lives changed forever. The sudden shock and unexpected passing of our dad, will forever linger in many minds. With still a heavy heart, I would like to say with a very deeply and heart full, Thank you everyone. For the flowers, wine, and cards that were sent to the house. For all the phone calls, and comments to various Facebook posts and pictures. For all the very kind words, and a very surprising, kind, well written tribute. For the handshakes and the simple hugs. Every word, thought, prayer and been a tremendous help, and will continue to help. There have been some good things from this week. I've learned some things some amazing things about my dad I never knew. Things as a kid, young man out of the military, and later in life. It's amazing hearing from all the people his life touched. Now I have an even better picture of how great of a man he is. I don't know if I'll every have to works to describe his passing, other then shock. Family is whomever one decides to call family. With the help of my family and friends, we will all help each other. Many have asked what can I do? For now, I'll ask, keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. Keep those memories of my dad alive. Check in on us from time to time. I know many are wondering, and sometime a bit later, perhaps in summer, we will have something for our dad. When/where, still talking about it. When we have something, we will let y'all know. I would like to thank everyone again, and in time, thank everyone individually.

    He left our world too soon, but he never left out lives

    Scotty Igneczi:
    Tired but sleep does not help.
    Emptiness that can not be filled.
    Laughter that does not ease the sadness
    Food that does not feed a hunger.
    The light of day that will slowly penetrate the darkness.
    Arms that will never again hold me.
    A love that will never diminish.

    I would like to express my thanks and deep appreciation to my family, friends, Michael's coworkers, and our wonderful neighbors. Your caring, compassion and well wishes have given us comfort and has made the past several days more bearable. I have been overwhelmed by beautiful flowers from Chevron, Dawn & Tim Goodwin and family, Carolyn Edmonds and family, Scott & Kim Wood and family, Jeff & Tina Shaffer, Christopher & Ami Edmonds & family and Ingersoll Rand Company. Each day the Post brings wonderful cards; I am amazed, astounded and surprised at how many lives Michael touched. The outpouring of affection has helped so very much to ease the pain of the past week. I do not have words to describe how sudden and completely unexpected Michael's death was and it will be a long time before I no longer expect him to walk in the door after his long work days.
    My life has been forever changed, I am slowly figuring out what needs to be done, slowly finding a new "normal"; wishing I knew a good computer hacker so I can get to information I need in Michael's computer. I can't call my In-House-Tech Support anymore. In the days and weeks to come I will need to remember something Michael often said to me, " you can do this".
    I do not think there is such a thing as Heaven, I much prefer to think that my Dearest Michael is now among Carl Sagan's "Billions and Billions of Stars".

    and Finally, from Sue Schmidt:
    Michael Igneczi
    June 14, 1951 – April 10, 2013

    It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the sudden passing of Richmond volunteer Michael Igneczi. Some of you remember him as that really nice guy with the mustache who often helped Bryan with bead blasting the Helo Deck. I’ve since learned in retrospect that not everyone realized that he was Bryan’s (a.k.a. Choo Choo’s) father. I remember him as quiet, but with a twinkle that belied a great sense of humor when he took his shades off. The two of them together were a riot with the endless ribbing, but it was very evident how proud he was of Bryan and how much he loved his family. Michael shipped out as a Boiler Technician (BT) 2nd Class aboard the destroyer USS Mahan, DLG-11in 1969 and served in the US Navy until June, of 1973. Following his time on the Mahan, he served a brief stint on the destroyer Everett F. Larson, DD-830 until he was transferred to the carrier USS Oriskany, CVA-34. He spent considerable time in the waters of the China Sea and off the coast of Vietnam. Right after getting out of the Navy, he married his sweetheart, Evelyn, (affectionately known as Scotty.) They had a son, Shannon, followed a few years later by Bryan, now 36. Michael studied computer technology at Diablo Valley College in Contra Costa and soon wound up working for Chevron as a unit Operator running refinery equipment. He later moved into the group managing the computer systems the Operators use to run that equipment. Michael was a “hands-on kind of guy” with mechanical inclinations and experience ranging from boiler maintenance and refinery plant operations to carpentry and auto repair. He was always tinkering with something. We know he infused at least one of his boys with a wicked sense of humor and love of the Navy. When I finally met his dad, I could see where Bryan got that side of him – at least in part. Michael would wax up his mustache, put on his shades and denim jacket, and come to the ship to do heavy labor with his son. He may have been quiet, but he loved his kid and he didn’t miss much. One thing I know is that we will all miss him.

    Sue Schmidt
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Pacific Battleship Center
    USS Iowa BB-61

    I never met Michael, and didn't know much about the man, except for hearing Shannon and Bryan talk about him. The good times, the Bad times, etc. But that being said, I had nothing but respect for a Man who served his country, served his family, and could barely stay Idle for long.

    This thread is my build of the U.S.S. Iowa BB-61 for Shannon, Bryan, and Scotty. The restoration of the Iowa was the last big thing Michael did with his life, and he did it alongside his son Bryan. In my mind, a fitting tribute to a Great man and his family. This one is for you Michael, I hope i do it justice.

    During this build, if anyone has any tips or tricks to help me, please don't hesitate to share. this is my first Ship build, and it's a big model.

    Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the build.

    535909_10151873657938868_35148681_n.jpg 541605_650842624931105_1702893351_n.jpg

    USS_Iowa_-_USS_Hallyburton_-_Ocean_Safari_85_-_DN-ST-86-02523.jpg 73161_10151874959443868_1826794331_n.jpg

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    glad to see you took up this build.
    what model/template are you using for it?
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    The Iowa Template! There are a bazillion plans and drawings out there, I know Dented Rick will pull a beauty if his past is any indication. My confidence is high! I can help you with any part you get stuck on.

    The main thing is the formers. They have to be true and squared up. I always start skinning the hulls from the bow and the stern, working towards the center. The middle sections aren't too much of a problem if they fall out of spec. Make sure you use wide pieces of paper on the formers so you can avoid the "skeleton" effect of the formers showing through the hull plating and this will also give you a wide area to glue onto. Make the formers and backbone, on the deck of the ship, this will hold the whole thing rigid, don't laminate the deck painting details till the structure dries. Use 1 mm board, or laminated 110 lb. stock for the formers and decking, anything else will cause her to warp. The judicious use of Popsicle sticks will definitely stiffen her right up. Balsa wood is a viable great alternative. :)
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    Im using the Missouri template as they are both Iowa-class Battleships (Iowa being the first, and Missouri the third built). for the change in markings and minor details, those are going to be scratch built
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    Im making a mock-up of the Hull supports out of regular cardstock first, then doing the build skeleton out of heavy construction paper layered with cardboard for rigidity.

    I had an idea of doing something like a 1/2 inch wide strip of heave cardstock along the edges of the formers, then when I skin it, those ridges won't show through as much. this also gives me plenty of surface for gluing the skin on :)
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    As with all of the work that you have done in the past, I am certain that you will indeed do this model justice and friend (and his family) will GREATLY enjoy it.
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    Hey guys, it's been 10 days since i decided to do this build, and ive given it alot of thought. After building the hull formers from cardstock, i decided to go another route, and make a wooden model. I use to do this as a kid, and was fairly decent at it too. this model will be build as a paper model would, but out of balsa, and hand painted. this will allow me to incorporate more detail, plus make the model longer lasting.I am using the paper hull former as a reference for the wood hull, then skinning in thin sheet. and will build up from there. Wish me luck, i haven't attempted this in about 20 years, hehe. Michael, if you can hear me, guide my hands with your knowledge.

    59780_10151361388995754_1227262845_n.jpg 559997_10151361966895754_93176206_n.jpg

    547104_10151363961160754_1108314333_n.jpg 941125_10151379466210754_1813214866_n.jpg
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    If you glued small balsa blocks in between the formers, you could sand and fill that hull out really easily. They could be less that a 1/2 inch thick, and the right height. You could fill the rest with Great Stuff. Just a thought. :)

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