U.S.S. Discovery - NCC-1968

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    This is the U.S.S. Discovery. She is a Clarke-class Exploratory Interceptor. Name, registry and ship class are all references to "2001: A Space Odyssey."

    While very similar to the U.S.S. Charger from an earlier thread, the Discovery performs a different function. She is designed for high speed so she can quickly reach areas scientific "hotspots" and begin immediate study. Her volume is mostly devoted to research with her armament being only Starfleet standard. Hence the term "Exploratory Interceptor." I wanted a ship that more embraced Starfleet's exploration arm than its military one. And it's cool to think there's a ship that's sole mission is to find out what's going on with some phenomenon before it disappears or expires... or whatever.

    Discovery is built from Rawen parts and Pdmccool add-on. I started this build before taking build pics, but it's just a straightforward Rawen-type build. I attached the navigational deflector to the hull to streamline the shape, and I wanted to keep the sensor dome on the saucer to show Discovery is more explorer than fighter.

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    this is my favorite!
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    This would look nice next to a Romulan Bird of Prey! They have a similar feel. :)

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    This is really a clever design!

    Nice build too.

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