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    I recently got around to printing out Rawen's JJVerse version of the Enterprise. I spent some time redoing the hull markings to be more correct to the movie. Between printing the old parts and new parts, my old printer bit the dust. My new printer had a definite color shift, and since I had already gotten all the old parts ready to assemble I decided to use my old parts as a test build. However, I didn't want two Enterprises. Solution - build a sister ship. So here she is - U.S.S. Constellation. Who knows, maybe "The Doomsday Machine" will be the next classic moment they pay homage (rip-off:curse:) in the next movie.

    I'll do a build thread for Enterprise.

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    Fantastic job! It looks easier to build than UHU02's (and Makino's), but it sure has some beautiful lines.
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