U.S.S. Charger - NCC-1973

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    Hello folks. Here's another entry into the fleet. This is another ship that I started a long time ago. It's built from Rawen parts and pdmccool add-ons, with some repainting by me. She's the U.S.S. Charger. She's what I'm calling a Halsey-class Attack Frigate. "Charger" because I own a Dodge Charger and "Halsey" in honor of USN Fleet Admiral William "Bull" Halsey. Her hull number is my birth year.

    She came out similar to Reliant in design. Since the Miranda-class is often referred to as a Heavy Frigate in Trek literature, Charger's smaller but similar spaceframe would seem to be a natural fit as a class below. She has a streamlined shape for a low attack profile and increased warp field efficiency. Her compact design is primarily toward defense, with the ability to undertake limited exploration in hostile areas of space.

    I started this ship before I began taking build pics, but there's nothing special. She's a straight Rawen-type build. The torpedo launcher is a pdmccool part modified to bring the wings in to sit flat on the hull. Basically, I built all the parts separate and mixed them together to get this ship, which I think is a nice addition to the TOS fleet.

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    Love this design better than the Miranda/Surya class......'Spesh the outboard support pylons....They remind me of the Klingon D7s!!!!!
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    I have to say this one and the Discovery are my favs. But they are all cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks guys. @vulcan8630 you are right. That Klingon comparison didn't occur to me until the minute I posted this.
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    Wow! I really like this one. I agree with the pylons looking great. This ship really flows nicely! :)

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