U.s.s. Arizona bb39 1941 u,s,s ahtabula ao-51

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    Ok Gobs here like papermodelers, i will share these with you, here is a model I built from scratch useing builders blueprints in 1/8th scale 76 inch,s long, is the model of the U.S.S. ARIZONA BB39 she is wearing the measure 5D paint scheme, Dark Gray with Pale Gray tops. like mentioned on papermodlers forum there is a debate if she wore the 5D or 5N Sea Blue. By the time I built this model I had no knowledge then from waht my late father told me. My father was a aviation machinist mate that worked on OS2U Kingfishers. when I was starting the painting on my old plastic kit of the Revell Arizona. he stopped me and said they were all dark gray. 2 years later I found out some historian dug deep into the color of the battle line were opperation rainbow 5 all ships at pearl were painted 5N Sea Blue with color coded turret tops I did not know this information so my Arizona does not have this.

    But I found out that she did wear the 5 D untill november of 1941 she went throught a paint refit the rest of the battle line were 5D so here paint shedule is true up to november of 1941.

    The other vesel is the a Fleet oiler that I served on durring the Vietnam War. she is a Maritime commisioned T3 SE A2 Type oiler the Cimmeron class. she was launched in 1943. I served on this ship from 1964 to 1966. overal length is 555 ft. in 1968 I was on board her near sister the U.S.S. QUADALUPE AO-32 she wen t through a refit she ewas jumboized lengthened by a 100 ft. most of here maritime lines were removed durring this process. The U.S.S. ASHTABULA AO-51 is modeled in 1/8th scale also useing builders plans. 69 inch,s long here are the pictures

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    Absolutely amazing work!! It's a pleasure to see them...thank you for the pics!!
  3. calotuc

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    awesome work, very well made and finished with a phenomenal, you would photos of armed? from already thank you very much for showing this great work of art

    impresionante trabajo , esta muy bien realizado y con un acabado fenomenal , tendrias fotos del armado ? desde ya muchas gracias por mostrarnos esta gran obra de arte
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    ohhhhhhhhh it is goooood awesome work
  5. owi

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    OMG! most beautiful....
    looks so real, better than plastic model!
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    Stunning builds

    My dear Grand dad Boats.... Here i go again.... One word....

    and most certainly worthy of these :goldcup::goldcup::goldcup: and i say this to you AGAIN, you are THE man :thumb:

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