U. S. Coast Guard 378' cutter

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by modano1, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. modano1

    modano1 Member

    Has anyone ever seen a card model of a 378' U. S. Coast Guard cutter? Would anyone be interested in designing (unfolding) one, if I were to provide a 3D model of one?
  2. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Hi Joseph,
    I have not seen any USCG ship models,free downloads anyway, and I would love to see this model come to life. I hope one of our member model designers will take this on. :-D
  3. eibwarrior

    eibwarrior Member

    Barry's the man!
  4. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    I agree, Barry would do a superb job of this model...but I would love him to start the Spruance first...okay, being selfish, but I would love to see him do that one first...then the CG cutter.:grin:

  5. barry

    barry Active Member

    Coastguard cutter

    Hi Lads

    Well I like the Coastguard livery and yes Jim Spruance is first it fits with Norfolk's era. The trouble with other peoples 3d models is you don't know who has the copyright. I prefer a good plan and a lot of pics especially the rear of the bridge and the base of the funnel not the inevitable long range snapshot of one in rough water.

  6. modano1

    modano1 Member

    Well since I am the Chief Damage Controlman onboard the USCGC Hamilton (WHEC-715) and I have a few projects in those areas, I can definately get those photos for you. Yesterday I finished a welding job on the star deck behind the bridge. The area that you are probably concerned about is the plenum chambers (intakes for the turbines), behind the bridge and before the funnel. Let me know if you are interested and what all you need.
  7. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hi Joeseph

    I am certainly interested but I have to be honest it will be a while before I start doing the ship but if you know of a 3 view plan that would be great for starters.

    best regards

  8. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    hi, modano!

    glad to know an old crew of the ham. i humbly thank you USCG guys for selling such a wonderful beautiful ship to my country's navy. making me want to join(before the officer's age limit is reached)...

    news is more is to be in philippine navy service soon..

    any updates on a whec build/design?

    also if any other know what other hull will closely resemble the whec hull? we may be able to start off from a hull up
  9. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    This thread is 8 years old and BARRY just passed away. SO, let us let this one end.
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