u might be a rc addict if

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by pimp, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    i foud this on nitro monky site and i wanted to do it on here so lets see what funny things u all can come up with

    post nothing besides a addict joke PLEASE
  2. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    whenever someone farts, u think of ur nitro rc trying to start....
  3. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    you spend all day on this site
  4. atc1100rider

    atc1100rider Member

    lol thats me
  5. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

  6. atc1100rider

    atc1100rider Member

    if you make your real car a rc car ya hear?
  7. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    u might be a rc addict if your t maxx cost more than your lincoln
  8. iluv2boost

    iluv2boost New Member

    When Somebody starts up an RC car and it speeds. I think of yuor momma speeding toward me.
  9. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    u might be a rc addict if you have more tools in your rc tool box then your garage tool box me! me!
  10. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    u might be a rc addict if you spend more time with your RC's then your girlfriend!
  11. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    these are good jokes keep them comeing
  12. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    You might be an R/C addict if you change your glow plugs afetr every round of racing but your hauler has 80,000 miles and the original spark plugs.
    You buy a new vehicle based on how many of your toys and toolboxes that you can load into it.
    Your AOL Favorite Sites list is all R/C sites.
    You love the smell of Nitro in the morning.
    You don't own a T-shirt that doesn't have some kind of R/C logo on it or fuel stains.

    I used to have a big list of these things. I'll have to see if I can remember more..........
  13. to-fast

    to-fast Member

    ur an rc addict if u dream about racing them all day in skool and can give a #@$% about wat the teacher is saying

    ur an rc addict if u get in trubble in skool and instead of righting i will not disturb the class room while the teacher is teaching a billion times u write i will drive mt gas rc truck in my teechers class room and disturb the class while she is teachin
  14. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    pretty funny jokes keep them comeing i want to hear every ones jokes
  15. lostdogeater

    lostdogeater New Member

    you might be an rc addict if youre 13 years old and youve spent more than $600 on rc cars now who could that be... [^]
  16. niner

    niner Member

    well u would have to be an addict of something else to spend that kind of money as a 13 year old :D
  17. to-fast

    to-fast Member

    im 14 and ive spent like 800.00 into rc stuff ive donerc my hole life when i was 2 i got my first rc truck it had a remote with a cord atatched to the truck haha it was funner then #@$% thoe

  18. that is me wiht out a dought!!!im 13 and i have probley close to a 1,000 just on stuff i broke lol look at the stuff in my pro i paid 4 it all!!![}:)]
  19. redheat

    redheat Member

    when you go to bed with a bottle of Nitro under each arm and a wrench in each hand.
  20. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    your totaly addicted if you get your first rc and everything has the rcs name on it (aol name,msn...)

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